Calf Augmentation (Calf Implants)

Calf augmentation, or calf implants, is a procedure to add fullness to and shape the lower leg. This procedure is for patients who have been unable to build the volume in the lower leg that they desire after exercising the muscles of the lower leg. Calf implants can also help to balance out larger thighs.


General anesthesia is used to make the patient comfortable during the procedure. The patient will receive antibiotics. A small incision will be made in the creases behind the knee. A pocket is created above the muscle and fascia of the lower leg. The implant will be placed above the muscle and fascia in the lower leg. The silicone implant is then placed and the small incision is closed.


Post-operatively, you will go home the day of the procedure. You will be given oral medications for pain control and will be followed closely at our office. You will be allowed to ambulate but when laying down you are encouraged to keep your legs elevated to help decrease swelling. You can slowly increase your activity after surgery with return to more vigorous activity usually about 1-2 months after surgery.


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