February 3, 2016

Many patients who need a “tummy tuck” and the removal of fat from the abdomen and back also want to enhance and improve the aesthetics of their breasts.  When the surgeon is trained and able to perform breast augmentation transumbilically (through the navel), the patient avoids the creation other scars on the breasts or in the axillae (underarms).  The procedure is performed simultaneously.  After performing suction-assisted lipectomy of the back, the patient is placed on her back on the operating room table.  At this point, first the transumbilical breast augmentation is performed through the same incision that will be utilized for reconstruction of the navel.  Later, when the breast augmentation is completed, the abdominoplasty is performed in the regular fashion. The following are examples of the results you can achieved with this surgeries.

Case # 1 presented a “globous abdomen” as well as saggy and asymmetric breasts. She chose rather than undergo the incisions (cuts) needed for a breast lift to have the aesthetic of her breasts   improved with a TUBA (transumbilical breast augmentation) surgery. The use of saline implants allowed the improvement of the asymmetry by adding more volume with the implants inserted in her right breast.  She also had her abdomen flat and her back fat accumulations greatly improved with liposculture and a “tummy tuck” combined with liposculpture and creation of an internal “girdle” by suturing on the midline her muscles.

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Case #2 presented remarkable abdominal skin laxity that was corrected with the “tummy tuck”. The breasts were sagging as well but the TUBA enhanced her appearance and corrected her ptosis (sagginess of the breasts).

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When patient expectations are set right, they will continue with their normal lives, happy of having undergone plastic surgery.