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Benefits of fue hair transplant in Miami

When you plan to undergo a hair transplant in Miami, you have two options to choose from—a follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and the follicular unit excision (FUE) method.  Both methods can repair bald or thinning areas by restoring hair growth. However, several factors make FUE more preferable options than FUT for most individuals. Dr. Carlos Spera—a renowned Plastic Surgery in Miami provides you some benefits of FUE hair transplant.

It is minimally invasive and gives minimal scarring

Since FUE hair transplant is a minor intervention and performed in a single intervention, it is considered minimally invasive. It is a hair transplant where patients can leave shortly after completing the graft.

As compared to the FUE hair transplant method, the FUT hair transplant requires you to remove a strip of scalp that has hair follicles from your donor sites, which can leave a fine line of linear scars. In an FUE hair transplant procedure, Dr. Spera extracts the donor follicles individually, which will result in only minimal tiny dot scars. In most cases, they are undetectable and unnoticeable, even with the hair cut very short. As long as it is done successfully, scarring from FUE hair transplant is minimal.

Local anesthesia is being administered

Local anesthesia facilitates recovery, which makes you leave short after completing the graft. It also allows the patient to be well-aware of how everything happens in the procedure—preferable, especially in minor interventions.

Shorter healing process

As compared to FUT hair transplant, recovery time for FUE hair transplant is generally shorter. There are no sutures required to close the site where it will be extracted, and you can resume your usual routine within a few days following the procedure.

Moreover, FUE hair transplant is also typically less uncomfortable during the healing process. However, it is vital to follow all recovery process instructions provided by your plastic surgeon to have the best results, even if you feel comfortable during your recovery process. The shorter healing process makes FUE hair transplant desirable and convenient, especially when you have a hectic schedule and wanted to resume your usual routine as soon as possible.

Hair will constantly grow

You do not spend a long time isolating yourself in your room during the recovery process. With the FUE hair transplant, your hair will grow continuously. Improvements following the hair transplant will be noticeable day by day.

Gives a natural-looking appearance

It will take a while to notice results following any hair transplant because the donor's hair falls out before it starts to regrow again. Once your hair does start growing back, your new hair should be indistinguishable and unnoticeable from the other hair around it. It is essential to seek a natural-looking appearance when you undergo such a hair transplant.

Long-lasting results

Patients who have already undergone FUE hair transplants can attest to the lasting results of the procedure. Another factor in achieving a long-lasting result is by taking good care of your hair and scalp. If other areas of your hair slowly begin to thin over time, an FUE hair transplant can be repeated to fill these spaces.

Instead of using a strip, an individual follicle can leave more potential donor hair available for your future hair transplant procedures.

Regain your hair confidence with SmartGraft—the most advanced and revolutionary hair technology in the industry as of this writing.

What is SmartGraft?

It is a revolutionary hair restoration procedure offered by Dr. Carlos Spera—a renowned Plastic Surgery in Miami, which encourages the continuous growth of thick, healthy hair without the procedure time and recovery of previous hair transplant methods. It uses a specialized closed harvesting stem that allows you to extract your natural hair follicles with the utmost and advanced precision and efficiency. These hair follicles will be implanted into the areas where hairs are thinning, restoring a fuller, long-lasting hairline for patients.

Are you planning to undergo an FUE hair transplant in Miami?

To reap these benefits from an FUE hair transplant, settle to a renowned plastic surgeon. If you are planning to undergo an FUE hair transplant in Miami pretty soon, do not hesitate to seek consultation from Dr. Carlos Spera—a renowned Plastic Surgery in Miami, and achieve desirable results. With decades of experience, we are at the forefront of advancing any types of plastic surgery procedures, including FUE hair transplant and related hair restoration procedures. Learn more about FUE hair transplant and his approach today!

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