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Are you a good candidate for Brachioplasty or arm lift

According to a survey conducted by the Harris Poll, 82% of Americans or More than 4 in every 5 adult Americans want to improve their well-being. This trend reflects the growing awareness and desire of the people towards well-being improvement. If you're looking to become a better version of yourself and already go to the gym and maintain a balanced diet, but want to take your self-improvement to the next level, the Brachioplasty or more commonly known as arm lift could be something you want to try.

What is Arm Lift?

Brachioplasty, or as most of us are familiar with, “arm lift”, is a medical procedure conducted by removing excess fat and skin from the upper arm. The operation is carried out by tightening your arm through an incision. It is made along the inside of the arm that runs from your elbow to your underarm.

Benefits of Brachioplasty or arm lift

If your genetics, age, or previous weight range has prevented you from flexing your upper arm with confidence due to the so-called Wings or Bat Wings that are usually attributed to the sagging of your upper arms, An arm lift maybe your best option.  Following your procedures' success, you can expect the benefits of this body contouring method ranging from tight skin to smoother curves that will greatly compliment your physique.

Are you a good candidate for Brachioplasty or arm lift                                                         

So you made up your mind and are looking forward to your arm lift procedure. To be the next candidate for the arm lift procedure, These are some things that you can consider before you set your appointment:
  • You have a significant amount of skin laxity in the upper arm. Many factors may have caused skin laxity in the arm, but the major causes are age and a significant amount of weight loss. As we become more responsible with our bodies and take the time to exercise and lose weight, the hanging of skin below our arms will surely be an issue. Because as our fats are burned, it leaves the remaining skin with decreased elasticity. And, as we get older, we can suffer from inelastic skin that has the challenge of retaining its shape.
  • You have reached your ideal body weight that is now relatively stable.  Something to consider is that weight loss and body contouring are two different things.  People that are still overweight or are actively losing weight are encouraged by their physicians to reach their desired weight before undergoing the arm lift procedure.
  • You don’t smoke - Smoking, in general, is highly discouraged before and after surgery. As a Brachioplasty candidate, Physicians advised candidates because smoking can form blood clots in their veins, starve their hearts of oxygen. Reports also suggest it has caused breathing difficulties during and after the operation. In the healing process, smoking may increase the risk of infections, and hinder the healing of the skin, wounds, and bones.
  • You are committed to maintaining a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle. Your weight gains and weight loss can highly affect your body shape as a whole. If you are thinking of having an arm lift, keep in mind that maintaining your ideal body weight can allow you to obtain more long-term outcomes.


Not everyone is born with the perfect body. Some aspire to have it work their way to it. Brachioplasty is something you can consider as you move forward in reaching the so-called “Body Goals''. Careful consideration of one’s overall health and consultation with the Doctor about Brachioplasty might be your next step in reaching your desired body.   

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