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Common Myths About Eyelid Surgery in Miami Debunked


Common Myths About Eyelid Surgery in Miami Debunked

Many people opt for eyelid surgery to get a younger look. However, when talking about eyelid surgery in Miami, some common misconceptions must be addressed. It is essential to note that eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty can be performed on both upper eyelids as well as lower eyelids. You can also choose to get it done on either of the two. Before you look for a plastic surgeon in Miami, it is essential to read about some of the common myths about eyelid surgery in Miami. The first one is that such a surgery has chronic dry eyes as one of its side effects. Your plastic surgeon in Miami will tell you that it is not valid. Some people also think that they cannot minimize dark circles. If you ask the experts, they will tell you that you will definitely notice a reduction in dark circles after surgery on your lower eyelids. However, you must note that crow's feet, the fine lines on the side of your eyes, cannot be removed by eyelid surgery. Some people come with that expectation to get disappointed later. Finally, you must note that eyelid surgery in Miami is not a simple procedure. Since the area around the eye is very delicate, you need an expert surgeon to perform this surgery on you. Moreover, it is necessary to have all your myths debunked before you decide to get the surgery done. Therefore, visiting the clinic of Carlos Spera, who is a famous plastic surgeon in Miami, is a good idea. He has extensive experience of performing plastic surgery in Miami so he can give you the right confidence by answering all your questions regarding the surgery. So, if you are looking to get eyelid surgery done, visit the website right away!

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What is Eyelid Surgery?

This surgery is usually performed to ‘open up’ droopy eyelids, and/or remove fat bags from underneath the eyes. PROCEDURE On your upper lid, Dr. Spera will decide and mark the proper location of your new crease and the amount of skin that needs to be removed. After excising the skin, two fat bags are removed and the skin sutured together. On your lower eyelid, the fat will be removed from the inside (transconjuntival incision). Then, the excess of skin is “pinched” from the outside and removed leaving an inconspicuous scar right below your eyelashes. Some of the fat can be “repositioned” if needed to camouflage your orbital rim or to correct your tear trough deformity. Recovery The area around the eyes will be bruised and swollen for about four days. Sutures will be removed in four days. Patients are instructed to keep head elevated and apply cold packs intermittently. The hairline scars will heal and fade within 2 months. Following surgery, patients look refreshed.

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