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How does botox feel like in Miami

If you have never had plastic surgery or received Botox treatment in the past, you are likely wondering about what it feels like. The ultimate goal of Dr. Carlos Spera—renowned Plastic Surgery in Miami is to inform you with necessary information regarding Botox and instill confidence to go into the treatment procedure with confidence.

What is Botox?

Botox, medically known as Botulinum toxin, is a type of neurotoxic protein produced primarily by bacteria called C. botulinum. Many people use Botox in Miami to temporarily diminish wrinkles and crow’s feet and achieve a youthful facial appearance. If you are considering Botox, Dr. Carlos Spera—renowned Plastic Surgery in Miami provides you a guide for you to be well-informed on what Botox feels like and what to expect throughout the plastic surgery procedure.

Three seconds after the Botox treatment

Immediately after you undergo Botox injection, you may feel a slight residual injection sting. Botox is administered with tiny needles; hence, discomfort at the injection site is only minimal. Small bumps at the injection site are also noticeable, but they will fade away quickly, and your face should look the same as it did before the plastic surgery procedure within half an hour.

Three minutes after the Botox treatment

It is noteworthy that when receiving a Botox injection that they do not work with an eye blink. Botulinum toxin gradually affects the nerves for a couple of days or weeks. Do not be discouraged if results are not yet noticeable immediately after the procedure. After three minutes, your face will still look the same as how you looked after the treatment took place, except for the appearance of redness if you have sensitive skin.

Three days after the Botox treatment

Botox begins to be noticed and works within the first week following the treatment. By day three, you should see a slightly noticeable improvement in your appearance, especially in the treated areas. If it is your first time undergoing Botox treatment, you may begin to experience a feeling of tightness or heavy sensation, especially in the treatment areas. Botox works by temporarily paralyzing the injected areas; thus, you may begin to notice a difference in your facial expression and slight changes in how your face responds when you lift your eyebrows.

Three weeks after the Botox treatment

Three weeks following Botox treatment, it will be fully effective. The visible difference is now noticeable in minimizing wrinkles and crow’s feet in the treated areas. You may still be experiencing a slightly minimal range of facial movement at this point, especially if it is your first time undergoing Botox plastic surgery procedure. If you are unsure of what you feel at this stage, contact Dr. Carlos Spera—renowned Plastic Surgery in Miami as soon as possible. They will inform you of the potential side effects of Botox and will be satisfied to reassure you if you have any concerns regarding your treatment.

Three months after the Botox treatment

Botox treatments are only temporary. They usually last between three and five months, depending on how the plastic surgery procedure affects the recipient. Three months following the Botox procedure, you may significantly notice that the effects of your Botox injection are slowly diminishing. Six months after you undergo Botox treatment, your face should look the same as it did before you received the treatment. You will also regain your full range of facial movement as the effects of the Botox treatment are fading away.

Three months is an ideal time to call your plastic surgeon and schedule your next treatment if you felt that the first Botox injection was a great experience.  Keeping a consistent and continuous treatment schedule for your Botox treatments can ensure that you maintain your newfound youthful appearance for as long as you choose.

Key takeaways

Now that you are now well-informed on how Botox feels like, you can now confidently schedule a consultation for your Botox treatment. If you are considering Botox in Miami soon, consult Dr. Carlos Spera—renowned Plastic Surgery in Miami for you to be well-versed in what surgery is involved, which includes possible risks, complications, and post-surgical care. We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

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