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Is arm lift surgery worth it?

The arms are usually a part of the body that is not very taken into account among the first options of aesthetic treatments. However, they constitute a fundamental part of the body due to their usefulness and exposure, since they are usually uncovered for a good part of the day, especially in the summer. Among the most used treatments to improve the appearance of the arms is lifting surgery. This procedure allows correcting the lower part of the arms, when they have a pronounced stretch. There are many doubts about this intervention, such as whether it is worth the arm lift surgery. In this blog post, we will answer this and other questions.

Why arm lift surgery is worth it

First of all, it is interesting to mention what this procedure is about. Arm lift or brachioplasty is a surgical intervention that consists of removing excess skin and fat that usually appears between the armpit and the elbow. The skin that is preserved is then repositioned and reattached in a way that gives a more toned appearance and a more youthful appearance. During the process, the surgeon makes incisions in the lower arm. The size and shape of these incisions will depend on each patient, the severity of the case and the amount of skin to be removed. During the process, it is likely that a small liposuction will be performed for the removal of fat. The remaining skin will then be adjusted and closed with stitches or surgical tape. The reasons for performing this intervention may be varied, although it should be noted that it is a purely aesthetic procedure. With aging, the skin on the arms becomes looser and begins to loosen. Something similar can happen in patients who have lost a large amount of weight and their skin has become stretched during the process. In many cases, exercise can help improve the appearance of the arms by strengthening the muscles and tightening the skin. But it is very likely that the problem persists, since the excess skin from stretching is rarely completely reduced. In those cases, it is possible to say that arm lift surgery is worthwhile. Preparations before the procedure are usually similar to any surgical intervention of this type. It is advisable to suspend some medications that may be contraindicated for the operation. It is also a good idea to have the necessary help for the recovery process. In general, the procedure is performed under local anesthesia, although in some cases general anesthesia may be chosen. All these indications will be detailed by our professionals at the Carlos Spera clinic, a specialist in cosmetic surgery.

Is Arm Lift Surgery Worth It: What Are The Risks

As in any surgery, there are some risks that must be evaluated to decide on this operation. One of the main concerns has to do with the scars that remain after the operation. In general, these are placed in areas where they are not visible. In addition, it is rare that redness or irritation is generated from these scars. In any case, corticosteroid injections can be used to improve this aspect. Another point that raises doubts about whether arm lift surgery is worth it is the possible asymmetry in the shape of the arms. Although perfect symmetry does not exist, the experience of our professionals guarantees the best results at this point. It is also possible to experience some numbness in the area or changes in sensitivity. In most cases these changes are temporary and do not represent a danger in itself. There are also the typical risks of any surgical intervention, such as bleeding, infection, or an unwanted side effect of anesthesia. These risks can be increased if there is a pre-existing disease, if the patient is a smoker or if he is overweight. All these issues will be evaluated before surgery by the doctor. It is always important to follow the recommendations of professionals, whatever the treatment or intervention that you want to perform.

Arm lift results

By removing excess skin and fat, your arms will look more youthful and toned. In general, these results are long lasting and permanent. In any case, the skin will continue with its natural aging process, so it could stretch again over the years or with weight gain. Maintaining a stable weight and general health will help maintain results. In conclusion, arm lift surgery is worthwhile in patients who wish to improve their appearance, since the risks are not too great. In any case, always follow medical recommendations. Do not hesitate to make an appointment at our clinic to have an evaluation of your case and start the best treatment.

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