February 3, 2016

A month ago we performed an interesting surgery, a removal of a Ruptured PIP Silicone Gel Implant manufactured in France.  These infamous implants have been proven to contain Industrial Grade Gel Silicone. This Non Medical Grade is intended for use in mattresses and has been linked to a high incidence of complications secondary to rupture. These implants were used in other countries, primarily Colombia.When Dr. Spera was removing the implants, the Non Cohesive Silicone was in big clumps that stuck to the instruments, gloves and gowns. The clumps also stuck to the Operating Room floor. It was impossible to remove. After washing the floor multiple times, we had to buff and wax it to finally have it completely removed.  We have never seen anything like this. PIP implants are so unlike the FDA approved, Medical Grade High Quality Cohesive Silicone Gel Implants used in our office, which stay intact if ever cut or ruptured. If you are thinking about getting Silicone Gel Breast Implants, give us a call. You can trust that you will be getting only the Best !!!

Patient’s Post Op results after 2 1/2 months: