Vela Slim Spa: Cellulite Reduction

Vela Slim Spa is a slimming & shaping, contouring, cellulite reduction & lifting Device. It is estimated that 80% of women over age 20 have cellulite and are not satisfied with their body shape. We offer the Best Non Surgical solution for a safe, effective and cost efficient treatment.This procedure stimulates lymphatic and blood circulation. It increases oxygen and metabolism of fat cells. It also improves your skin texture. You can finally achieve your ideal body shape!

Call today and schedule one of the packages we have to offer:
6 Vela Slim treatments with Body Wrap by sections – $600.00 OR
6 Endermologie Treatments combined with Vela Slim Treatment – $700.00


Mechanical Manipulation – (Vacuum and Massage mechanism)
• Stimulates lymphatic and blood circulation
• Facilitates fibroblast activity
• Reduces viscosity of fat cell clusters
• Promotes Vasodilation and stravasation of oxygen and nutrient
• Heating (Infrared and radio frequency energy)
• Enhances blood circulation and increases oxygen
• Facilitates fibroblast activity
• Increases metabolism of fat cells
• Improves skin texture

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