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6 Surprising benefits of eyelid lift in Miami

6 Surprising benefits of eyelid lift in Miami

eyelid lift in Miami Our eyes are often regarded as the window of the soul. But there are instances where we experience draping eyelids due to genetics or passage of time. To address this problem faced by most people, Dr. Carlos Spera—renowned Plastic Surgery in Miami is administering eyelid lift. Medically known as blepharoplasty, eyelid lift in Miami is a common procedure that can help you look more alert and get rid of drooping eyes. It removes excess fats, skin, and muscles that are puffing out and weighing down, especially on your upper eyelid. Also, it reduces puffiness and wrinkling on your lower eyelids that making you look tired. It also softens fine lines and wrinkles in your eye area. With your eyes as central on how people perceive you, even minor alterations to the area can bring you big benefits. The following are some surprising benefits when you undergo eyelid lift.
  1. It can improve your vision. Especially in cases of extreme upper-lid dropping or puffiness, undergoing eyelid lift can improve your vision. This, in turn, became a major motivation for patients to undergo blepharoplasty. In some cases, especially on milder cases of heavy lids, patients may not give any thought to how a lift can significantly affect the view, and your primary motivation may be for aesthetic enhancement. However, even if you undergo a moderate plastic surgery procedure, you may still be benefited from an expanded field of vision.
  1. It makes your forehead smoother. If your upper eyelids feel heavy and affect your ability to see, you might get into the habit of raising your eyebrow for a better view. This action can significantly contribute to deep furrows, which are evident on your forehead. When you remove the extra weight through eyelid lift, you may also eliminate the brow-bunching habit, and the forehead will be free from wrinkles.
  1. It brightens your eyes. When there are extra skin and puffiness that surround your eyes, they have the potential to inhibit light from reaching the irises that give them color. This, in turn, makes it dull on your perception. By opening the drapes through undergoing eyelid lift, it will allow more light to infuse to your eyes, so there will be able to sparkle, and the objects will look at their brightest.
  1. It can make your eye shape younger. Over time, your eye shape becomes more round and horizontal narrow as we grow older, usually caused by changes in your lower lids. Your skin will be slacker and weighted down due to pockets of fat, and stretching where the lids are attached becomes evident. Undergoing eyelid lift can help remove the extra weight of your lower eyelid.
  1. It can make you achieve an almond-shaped eye appearance. Some women may be concerned that an upper eyelid lift will mean giving up their natural skin folds. However, a good plastic surgeon will are well-rounded and know how to reduce puffiness and sagging in your eyelid while preserving epicanthic folds. There is no need for you to change your look or, for that matter, learn how to apply makeup to a whole new and almond-like eye shape.
  1. It can potentially reduce migraines. In addition to improving your overall outlook, eyelid lit can also give you relief to some people who are experiencing migraines. In recent statistics, eyelid lift that targeted specific nerves provided 90 percent of participants with a 50 percent improvement in their migraine condition. After a year, 51 percent of participants reported having no migraines at all. While the said study has its downfalls, headache relief can prove to be beneficial to patients who suffer migraines and who consider undergoing blepharoplasty.
Contact us now! Whatever your reasons for undergoing eyelid lift in Miami, you enjoy the best result possible with Dr. Carlos Spera—renowned Plastic Surgery in Miami. Contact us now to personally know if undergoing an upper and lower eyelid lift in Miami could be the ideal solution for you!

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