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How long does it take to recover from facelift in Miami

How long does it take to recover from facelift in Miami

Rhytidectomy, or commonly known as a facelift, is a great way to combat any signs of aging. People often worried about sagging skin, unwanted wrinkles and jowls, and facelift in Miami is an effective healer to help patients achieve a more natural and youthful look. Over the years, one of the concerns concerning the facelift procedure is its long recovery process. But due to advancements in plastic surgery, the recovery process became shorter and quicker than ever before. Consequently, a facelift in Miami is becoming a trend! Every patient has different face problems. Hence, the facelift procedure for every patient varies alongside with the recovery process. On average, it takes them about a month to fully recover from the surgery. Dr. Carlos Spera—renowned plastic surgery in Miami delivers satisfying results on facelift in Miami with the shortest recovery possible. Patients should know what to expect as weeks go by during the recovery period. Days after the initial procedure: Rest and small movements are a must! During this facelift recovery phase, some discomfort is rampant. However, there’s no significant pain since pain medication makes patients comfortable when experiencing swelling and bruising. They are common and are part of the healing process. Moreover, your body needs ample time to heal. Dr. Carlos Spera encourages patients to make rests and to walk around slowly in their free time when possible as movements are beneficial during the initial stage of the recovery process but refrain from doing strenuous activities. Patients should also remain calm as the final results they desire are not yet evident. A week after the facelift procedure: Making significant progress In this recovery phase, you will start noticing some better results. You will begin to be more active than last week. Bruise and swelling are slightly evident that still make you uncomfortable. Dr. Carlos Spera recommends patients to use a cold compress in the incision area. You should never apply some heat as it affects the incision area and makes it even worse. Follow some routine that your public surgeon gave you. Two weeks after the facelift procedure: Getting back to the usual pace At this recovery process, swelling and bruising are now minimal. You can return to work provided that you do not still engage yourself doing heavy and strenuous tasks. It is normal to feel some sensations like tingling in your skin as your face is healing and swelling becomes minimal. Call Dr. Carlos Spera—renowned plastic surgery in Miami for consultation if you are worried about a symptom. Follow the exact instructions that your plastic surgeon has instructed you to do so. One month after the facelift procedure: Getting closer to the finish line More of the swelling has vanished in this stage. There may be some areas where swelling is still evident, but they should only be minimal. If you still feel some sensations like tightness in your skin or tingling, you should not be alarmed or worry as they are common in the recovery process. Dr. Carlos Spera—a renowned plastic surgery in Miami always advice patients to pay attention to their body still when resuming to more strenuous exercise, and making sure to progress at a careful pace.            After months spent on the recovery process, any side effects caused by the facelift are now less noticeable. You can now enjoy a younger and refreshed look without having some signs of incisions, swelling, bruising, and tightness. You can resume all activities that you usually do before the surgery. Things to ponder on            Always bear in mind that the timeframe is only a general timeframe. Everyone will have a unique experience in the plastic surgery recovery process. Dr. Carlos Spera advice patients to vigorously follow the directions provided solely for them not only to achieve the best outcome but to have the most convenient recovery process. If you are experiencing any symptoms that you feel are out of the ordinary, do not hesitate to consult Dr. Carlos Spera immediately. Visit for more plastic surgery and other surgical consultations.

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