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Things to know before taking botox in Miami

Things to know before taking botox in Miami

Some of us wanted to achieve a revitalized and younger-looking skin and avoid any signs of aging. Taking Botox is a good treatment in terms of signs of aging. It is a preferred choice for some who wanted to prevent and delay the onset of wrinkles and lines. With continuous research regarding the benefits of Botox, it also found out that it treats other conditions such as chronic migraines, Bell’s palsy, and excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis in medical parlance. With this, Botox and plastic surgeries in Miami is an effective treatment over the years. With the trend of Botox in Miami, it is necessary to understand how these Botox works and have a list of things to know before making bookings for a Botox procedure. Seek for a licensed medical professional When planning to undergo Botox in Miami, you should always go to a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Not only it guarantees your safety, but it will also help you get the result that you wanted to achieve. Dr. Carlos Spera is board-certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery and has over 30 years of experience in reconstructive and plastic surgery in Miami. Be aware of your Botox Treatment Plan It is noteworthy that faces differ from one person to another. Hence, Botox treatment for other individuals may not work with you effectively. Everyone differs in terms of facial conditions, expectations, and goals. Once you identified your plastic surgeon, discuss your Botox treatment plan with your surgeon. Your plastic surgeon will begin evaluating your facial muscle movement to determine whether Botox is a good option or not. Don’t be hesitant in asking queries regarding the Botox procedure. Dr. Carlos Spera— plastic surgery in Miami ensures to give the best service that is suitable to your needs. Undergoing Botox is safe The overall risk when undergoing Botox is only minimal. The success of the Botox procedure lies in the plastic surgeon, so it is necessary to seek consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Over the years, medical professionals found out that a small dose of Botox—a toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, is considered safe, albeit, the bacteria is a severe form of food poisoning. Dr. Carlos Spera—plastic surgery in Miami recommends pregnant women and lactating mothers should never undergo such procedure yet. Botox does not eradicate wrinkles and prevent excessive sweating Contrary to popular beliefs, Botox can’t remove wrinkles and lines permanently. Botox only works to block nerve signals to stop the muscle from contracting. As a result, wrinkles will relax and appears smoother. The same goes for excessive sweating. Botox will only block the nerve signals that are causing the sweat glands to be overactive that reduce sweating to that part of the body. With the trend of Botox in Miami, Dr. Carlos Spera, with its renowned expertise in plastic surgery, caters Botox that suitable for your facial and other conditions. Botox is not just a one-time procedure When the duration of the effects of Botox is concerned, it lasts only around three months or more when it’s your first time getting injections. You should be ready to go for a maintenance every three to six months, or as prescribed by your plastic surgeon. It is needed because Botox only relaxes your muscles temporarily, wears off over time, and you’ll begin to notice that your wrinkles start to appear again after that duration. Why choose Dr. Carlos Spera—plastic surgery in Miami? To achieve a refreshing appearance, to look at your best or considering treatment to ease symptoms of a medical condition, consider Botox as your solution. Plastic surgery and Botox in Miami can transform your face into vibrant, revitalized, and younger-looking that you wanted to achieve. If you’re interested in plastic surgery and Botox in Miami get in touch with Dr. Carlos Spera personally—renowned plastic surgery in Miami for a free consultation now! For other details regarding other plastic surgeries, contact us today for further information.

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