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Neck Lift in Miami

Pollution, excessive sun exposure and other environmental factors combined with the natural loss of elasticity and firmness in our skin occur as we get older. Nobody likes to feel and look older for their age. One of these body parts that will feel these effects is our neck. Just like our face, the delicate skin on our neck is more vulnerable than other parts of our body. It means that the neck appearance can suffer visible signs of aging before any other body parts.

Unless you wear a turtleneck or scarves throughout the year, the skin of your neck is virtually impossible to hide. Fortunately, a revolutionary plastic surgery procedure called neck lift can help you achieve younger and smoother neck skin. Learn more with Dr. Carlos Spera—a renowned Plastic Surgery in Miami discusses all the things you need to know about having your neck lift surgery in Miami.

What is neck lift surgery?

A neck lift—medically known as platysmaplasty or cervicoplasty—is a plastic surgery that aims to enhance the appearance of your neck. It tightens the skin and neck muscles and improves the contour of your jawline. This plastic surgery procedure is often performed together with a facelift, liposuction, or a cheek lift but may also administer as a sole procedure.

Although it is not one of the most famous plastic surgery, there is a drastic increase of patients who are requesting neck lift surgery in Miami annually. Because it drastically improves the appearance of the neck and achieves a youthful look.

This plastic surgery focuses on repositioning and lifting the soft tissues on your neck so that they create a tighter and smoother contour. Once the skin is in the correct position, it is secured with sutures, and excess is removed.

A neck lift surgery in Miami is performed under general anesthesia. Most patients can go home the same day, and it usually takes around two hours depending on how much of the skin on the neck needs to be modified.

When to consider a neck lift procedure?

A neck lift surgery in Miami is an effective way to enhance the appearance of your neck. This revolutionary plastic surgery procedure is effective in restoring your neck appearance into its youthful look. You need to consider a neck lift if you:

  • Have a turkey wattle and fatty jowls that make you look older than your age;
  • Have horizontal creases and vertical banding that are evident around your neck;
  • Feel that your neck is too fat as usual;
  • Wanted to restore the distinct jawline you have when you are young; and
  • Have excess wrinkles and skin on your neck.

What are the benefits of a neck lift?

There are various benefits associated with a successful neck lift procedure. It includes:

  • It tightens the underlying muscles in your neck. The neck lift procedure significantly reduces the appearance of loose skin. It also makes the neck skin smooth by tightening the skin and eliminating lines and wrinkles.
  • Remove all excess skin after tightening, which further improves your overall appearance. One of the main advantages of a neck lift is that it transforms you physically and it takes years off your facial appearance. Many patients wanted to undergo neck lift in Miami not only to restore a youthful appearance but also to remove excess skin from their neck and jaw area. A neck lift can remove these excess skin and gently tighten the skin to have a desirable facial shape.
  • Achieve a younger appearance and make you look rejuvenated and refreshed. A neck lift is one of the plastic surgery procedures you need to consider when you want to achieve a younger appearance. The skin and muscles of your neck are more likely to show signs of aging before other areas in your body, this plastic surgery procedure is an ideal option for individuals that are not yet ready to undergo a full facelift but still want to achieve a more youthful appearance.

In some instances, simple liposuction may be an ideal option to restore your youthful appearance and curve to your neck and jawline. However, for a more invasive restoration in a patient with excess neck tissues, there are two neck lift types that can be performed either separately or a combination of both. Neck lift will remove excess skin and the excess fats and tissues are contoured. A platysmaplasty is performed as part of the procedure, where the neck muscles are tightened. The second procedure is a midline lift, where it is more popular in men than women as it leaves a middle scar, up and down the neck. The underlying muscles and fats can be contoured with this plastic surgery procedure as well.

  • Minimal scarring. The incisions in a neck lift procedure are usually hidden in the hairline behind the ears and under the chin. Your neck lift is as discreet as you want it and not to be worried about visible scars. The plastic surgery procedure can be completed on an outpatient basis with the aid of a local or general anesthesia, depending on the will of the patient.
  • Short recovery period. The recovery period for a neck lift is pretty brief and straightforward. Patients can expect to resume their usual routine within a week following the plastic surgery procedure, typically in as little as five to seven days. The results of a neck lift are noticeable, but they are also natural and subtle, unlike the facelift procedure where skin will be tightly shut. Hence, neck lift procedure is an ideal choice for those who are seeking a plastic surgery procedure that simply enhances the shape of their face and jaw, as opposed to a full face makeover.

How is a neck lift performed?

If only a minimal contouring procedure is necessary, this plastic surgery is done with liposuction alone. The procedure for a full neck lift is outlined below:

  • Incisions are made under the chin. It can also be done behind the ears depending on the plastic surgery procedure that has been chosen.
  • The platysma muscle is sewn together (in corset platysmaplasty) and tightened.
  • Excess fats and skin are trimmed carefully.
  • Skin and tissue are repositioned and secured with the sure of sutures.
  • Incisions are being closed, then drains may be positioned before the wounds are bandaged.

As a stand-alone plastic surgery procedure, a neck lift is done in combination with liposuction if only fats are removed. When there are more visible signs of aging like turkey wattle, sagging skin, excess fat, and a prominent platysma muscle, a more excessive procedure is needed to address these problem areas.

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Am I a candidate for a neck lift surgery?

A neck lift is a plastic surgery procedure that has sets of considerations. The following are the reasons why people in Miami consider neck lift:

  • They wanted to achieve a sleeker neck with a distinct jawline that separates their neck from their face;
  • Their neck have developed visible lines and folds; and
  • They have excess fats and skin in their neck.

If you possess good general health, have realistic expectations on plastic surgery, and a positive attitude, you are most likely an ideal candidate for this plastic surgery procedure.

What are the risks with a neck lift surgery?

Risks and complications from a neck lift surgery in Miami are infrequent. Dr. Carlos Spera—a renowned Plastic Surgery in Miami will discuss the significant risks of neck lift during your consultation. It is noteworthy that all plastic surgery procedures have varying degrees of risks and complications. Some potential complications of all plastic surgery procedures are outlined below:

  • Scarring, swelling and bruising are evident in the first few weeks following the plastic surgery. However, they are all normal and should not be a cause for concern.
  • Adverse reaction to anesthesia
  • Seroma or Hematoma: It is the accumulation of blood or fluid under the skin that may require removal.
  • Bleeding and infection. As with the neck lift surgery in Miami, infection is possible to happen. Take your body temperature. If you have a high fever, contact the plastic surgeon immediately. If you experience bleeding or have an unusual discharge from the surgical site, contact Dr. Spera immediately.
  • Significant changes in sensation
  • Allergic reaction. Neck lift can also cause you some allergic reaction, especially when you have sensitive skin.
  • Damage to underlying structures in your skin. You can also likely to experience skin puckering, discoloration, or skin loss following the procedure.
  • Unsatisfactory results that may need some additional plastic surgery procedures. There will be a possibility that you won’t be happy with the results. It is therefore important to set realistic expectations before you undergo a neck lift plastic surgery procedure.

A risk that is specific to neck lift surgery in Miami is numbness and tightness in the neck area. However, it will usually resolve within a few months.

You can help lessen certain risks and complications by strictly following the instructions and advice of the surgeon, both before and following your neck lift surgery in Miami procedure.

What is the recovery after a neck lift like?

Dr. Carlos Spera—a renowned Plastic Surgery in Miami will discuss how long it will be before you can resume your usual routine or work. Following the plastic surgery, you will be given detailed instructions about your post-surgery procedure and recovery, including information regarding symptoms you will experience, potential signs of complications, and drains (if they have been placed).

Immediately following the plastic surgery procedure, your neck will be bruised and begin to feel tightness and numbness. The bruising will resolve over the next five days. However, feelings of tightness and numbness may remain for a month or so.

You must follow all instructions provided by the surgeon. It will include post-surgical care, specifically your drains and the type of activities that are recommended and needed to restrain. The plastic surgeon will also provide detailed instructions about the common symptoms you will experience and any potential complications that you might encounter. It is vital to realize that the time it takes for the recovery period varies significantly from one patient to another.

Why choose us?

With years of experience in providing plastic surgery procedures and having a discreet and knowledgeable team, we are confident that we could give you the service quality you are looking for. If your neck skin is betraying your age faster than you would like, a neck lift surgery in Miami could be the answer you are seeking for! To find out more about this transformative plastic surgery procedure or schedule a consultation, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Carlos Spera—a renowned Plastic Surgery in Miami today. You can fill out the form below this page or call us at your convenience. We are looking forward to serving you soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Neck Lift, medically known as a lower rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure designed to enhance the appearance of the neck by reducing sagging skin, tightening underlying muscles, and improving the contour of the jawline. Dr. Carlos Spera offers this transformative surgery to individuals seeking a more youthful and refined neck profile.

If you’re bothered by excess skin, wrinkles, or a “turkey neck” appearance due to aging, weight loss, or hereditary factors, a Neck Lift might be the ideal solution for you. Suitable candidates are in good health, have realistic expectations, and desire a more defined neck and jawline. A consultation with Dr. Spera will provide a detailed assessment.

Dr. Spera employs advanced surgical techniques tailored to each patient’s unique needs. Incisions are typically made discreetly around the ear and possibly under the chin. Excess skin is removed, and underlying neck muscles are tightened to achieve a smoother, firmer appearance.

Post-surgery, patients may experience mild swelling, bruising, and discomfort around the neck area. A supportive bandage may be applied to aid the healing process. Most individuals can return to daily activities within two weeks, though strenuous activities should be limited for a few weeks. Dr. Spera will provide comprehensive post-operative care instructions.

Thanks to Dr. Spera’s meticulous techniques, incisions are strategically placed to ensure they remain concealed by the natural contours of the ear and hairline. With proper care, these scars will fade over time and become virtually undetectable.

A Neck Lift offers long-lasting results, often enduring for several years. While the procedure effectively rejuvenates the neck area, the natural aging process will continue. However, with proper skincare and a healthy lifestyle, patients can enjoy their refined neck contour for many years.

With over 30 years of expertise in aesthetic surgeries, Dr. Carlos Spera is a trusted name in Miami. His dedication to achieving natural-looking results, combined with a patient-centric approach, ensures that those seeking a Neck Lift receive top-tier care, guidance, and transformative outcomes.

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