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Breast Augmentation in Miami

The most popular cosmetic surgery procedure among women in the United States, with more than 300,000 procedures carried out each year. Breast augmentation in Miami is a surgical procedure that is used to enhance breast size, shape, and firmness. The procedure can also be used to correct breast asymmetry and produce more natural-looking breasts after weight loss or pregnancy. Not only becomes more widely accepted and relatively available, but plastic surgeons have also made strides in how they lift and shape the breasts.

While breast implants are both a personal decision and can be extremely rewarding, patients should always perform their due diligence in knowing whether the procedure is an ideal fit for them and whether they can make for ideal candidates. Read on to learn more all the information you need to know including the plastic surgery process, risks, and recovery process before deciding if undergoing breast augmentation in Miami is right for you.

What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation in Miami, medically referred to as augmentation mammoplasty, is a plastic surgery procedure administered to increase breast size. This procedure involves placing breast implants under chest muscles or breast tissues.

Women wanted to consider breast augmentation in Miami to boost their self-confidence. Others wanted to undergo this plastic surgery to rebuild their breast for various conditions. It also enhances your physical appearance if you think your breasts are small or that the other one is smaller than the other. It also adjusts for a reduction of breast size due to a significant weight loss or after pregnancy. It also corrects uneven breasts after breast surgery in Miami for other conditions.

If you want to undergo breast augmentation in Miami, seek consultation with Dr. Carlos Spera—renowned plastic surgery in Miami. Make sure you well-understand what surgery involves, including the possible risks, complications, and post-recovery. It is also vital to discuss your goals with him to view it realistically about what breast augmentation can do for you.

What are the benefits of having breast augmentation in Miami?

 It adds volume and curve to your breasts. Some patients are born with a naturally small and flat breast. It does not provide the desired curves to their physiques. Breast augmentation in Miami adds volume to the top of the breasts and an ideal way to add volume and curves to your silhouette, making you feel more feminine.

  • It evens out naturally asymmetrical breasts. Women have different breast asymmetry. Breast augmentation in Miami is an ideal way to balance out naturally uneven breasts, allowing you to have evenly matched breasts that fit well into bathing suits, bras, and clothing.
  • Restore breasts after a mastectomy. It is a fact that breast cancer is an extremely emotionally and physically hard disease to deal with. Mastectomy can leave someone with a feeling of like a shell of her former self. Breast augmentation in Miami can restore breasts and help cancer patients, and survivors feel like themselves again.
  • It boosts self-confidence. Breast augmentation in Miami can boost your confidence, making you feel more comfortable in your body and confident enough to step out in your beach attire.

How is breast augmentation in Miami performed?

 During the breast augmentation in Miami procedure, Dr. Spera will make a single cut or incision in one of these three places. It is either under your arm (axillary), the crease under your breast (inframammary), or around your nipple (periareolar).

After making the single cut, your surgeon will separate the breast tissue from the muscles and connective tissues in your chest. It creates a pocket either in front or behind the outermost muscles of your chest wall. Then, he will insert the implant into this pocket and center it at the back of your nipple.

Saline implants are inserted empty and then filled with sterile salt water once they are already in place. Silicone implants are pre-filled with silicone gel.

When the implant is already in place, the plastic surgeon will close the incision, typically with sutures, and bandage it with skin adhesive and surgical tape.

Breast Augmentation in Miami Techniques

Breast augmentation is a transformative procedure that enhances the size and shape of the breasts. Dr. Carlos Spera, a renowned plastic surgeon in Miami, offers a range of advanced techniques to ensure the best possible results for his patients. Here’s a detailed overview of the types of breast augmentation approaches he specializes in:

  • Trans-umbilical Breast Augmentation (TUBA) Approach
    • Description: The TUBA approach, also known as Trans-umbilical Breast Augmentation, is a unique technique where breast implants are inserted through an incision made in the belly button.
    • Advantages: One of the standout benefits of this method is the absence of visible scars either under the arms or on the breasts. This approach is celebrated for its discreet nature. Furthermore, many women who have chosen the TUBA method report experiencing minimal pain post-surgery and a notably faster recovery compared to other techniques.
  • Trans-axillary Breast Augmentation Approach
    • Description: The trans-axillary approach, commonly referred to as the armpit method, is a technique where breast augmentation is achieved by making an incision in the armpit.
    • Advantages: This method allows Dr. Carlos Spera to position the breast implant under the chest muscle with precision, ensuring a natural look without causing significant disturbance to the breast tissue. The absence of incisions on the breast itself further ensures minimal scarring.
  • Infra-mammary Breast Augmentation Approach
    • Description: The infra-mammary approach is one of the most popular and versatile techniques in breast augmentation. The incision is made in the crease where the breast meets the chest wall.
    • Advantages: This method is favored for its adaptability, allowing for the insertion of all types of breast implants. The infra-mammary incision provides an optimal view for the surgeon, ensuring precise implant placement. Additionally, the healing process is swift, with the resulting scar being almost imperceptible as it blends seamlessly into the natural skin fold.
  • Peri-areolar Breast Augmentation Approach
    • Description: The peri-areolar approach involves making an incision around the areola, the darkened skin surrounding the nipple.
    • Advantages: When healed properly, the peri-areolar incision can be less visible, blending into the natural transition of the areola and breast skin.
    • Considerations: While this method offers aesthetic benefits, it’s essential to note that there’s a slightly higher chance of changes in nipple sensation. Precision in closing the incision is crucial to prevent irregular breast tissue formation underneath. Additionally, there’s a size limitation for silicone implants that can be inserted through this incision.

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Am I a candidate for breast augmentation?

 There are some criteria that patients who wish to undergo breast augmentation should meet for a plastic surgeon to classify them as an ideal candidate for the procedure. The following criteria should meet to be able to be a good candidate for breast augmentation in Miami:

  • Have an overall physical health
  • You have a sagging and flattened breast. You can also be an ideal candidate if you have an asymmetrical breast or lacking adequate cleavage or volume.
  • You do not smoke or consume a significant amount of liquor.
  • You have a healthy frame of mind when you decide on this plastic surgery because it can permanently alter your appearance.
  • One who understands the risks and as well as the rewards when undergoing breast augmentation
  • You can rest and recover post-surgery after breast augmentation. You will not be able to perform some tasks or do any strenuous activity after breast augmentation you need to have help in place.
  • For saline implants, the FDA requires you to be 18 years old and older when undergoing breast augmentation. If you opt for silicone implants, the minimum age requirement is 22 years old.

In a nutshell, anyone who is in reasonably good physical and mental health can be an ideal candidate for breast augmentation. However, you are likely not a perfect candidate for breast augmentationin Miami  if:

  • You are pregnant or currently breastfeeding;
  • You have an abnormal mammogram or breast cancer;
  • You are battling with an infection or physically ill; and
  • You have unrealistic expectations for the results of plastic surgery.

Most women can qualify for breast augmentation in Miami. It is essential that you be open and honest with your plastic surgeon during your consultation. Even if breast augmentation in Miami is not ideal for you, we might recommend an alternative course of action to help you achieve your overall aesthetic goals.

What are the risks with breast augmentation?

 Every plastic surgery procedure has risks. Just like any other plastic surgery, it is imperative on your part to know the underlying risks of having a breast augmentation in Miami. It can scar tissues that distort the shape of the breast implants or capsular contracture, breast pain, infection, changes in breast and nipple sensation, implant position changes, and implant leakage or rupture, bleeding, fluid accumulation, to name some.

Capsular contracture refers to the hardening of the area around the breast implant. It can change the shape of the implant, which can cause pain. The scars may become thick, red, and painful.

Correcting these underlying risks and complications might require more plastic surgery procedures to either remove or replace the breast implants.

What is the recovery after a breast augmentation like?

 A week following the breast augmentation plastic surgery, soreness and swelling are likely to be evident. It is also possible that bruising will be seen. You can expect scars to diminish over time; however, they will not disappear completely.

While you are recovering from breast augmentation, wearing a compression bandage or sports bra might be helpful, and provide extra support and positioning of the breast implants. Dr. Carlos Spera—renowned plastic surgery in Miami might prescribe pain medications if necessary.

It is essential to obey all instructions given by the plastic surgeon when you resume your usual routine. If you do not have any physically demanding job, you might be able to go back to your work a week following the plastic surgery. Get rid of any strenuous activities or anything that will increase your blood pressure or pulse for at least two weeks. While you are healing, remember that your breasts will be sensitive to jarring movements or physical contact.

If the plastic surgeon used sutures that do not absorb on their own or placed drainage tubes near your breasts, you need to undergo a follow-up appointment for removal.

If you notice redness or feel some warmth in your breasts or have a high fever, you might have an infection. Contact us as soon as possible, especially if you have shortness of breath or chest pain.

Why choose us?

Breast augmentation in Miami significantly modifies the size and shape of your breasts.

If you are curious about breast augmentation in Miami, the best thing you can do is to talk to Dr. Carlos Spera—a renowned Plastic Surgery in Miami about the procedure directly.

For more information, you can contact us online or call our offices. We will be happy to organize a free consultation for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Breast augmentation, commonly referred to as a “boob job,” is a surgical procedure that enhances the size and shape of the breasts using implants or fat transfer. At Dr. Carlos Spera’s clinic in Miami, we believe that breast augmentation can boost your self-confidence, balance breast asymmetry, restore breast volume lost after pregnancy or weight loss, and achieve a more youthful breast contour.

Ideal candidates for breast augmentation are individuals in good health, have realistic expectations, and desire an enhancement in breast size or shape. During your consultation with Dr. Spera, he will assess your medical history, current breast size, desired outcome, and other factors to determine if this procedure is right for you.

We offer a variety of implant options, including saline, silicone, and gummy bear implants. Each type has its advantages, and the best choice depends on your aesthetic goals, body type, and Dr. Spera’s recommendations.

While individual experiences may vary, most patients can return to light activities within a week. However, strenuous exercises and heavy lifting should be avoided for at least 4-6 weeks. Dr. Spera will provide personalized post-operative care instructions to ensure a smooth recovery.

Dr. Carlos Spera employs advanced surgical techniques to minimize scarring. While there will be incisions, they are strategically placed in discreet locations, such as the breast crease, armpit, or around the areola, ensuring they fade and become less noticeable over time.

Breast implants are designed to be long-lasting. However, they are not considered lifetime devices. On average, implants may last 10 to 20 years. Regular check-ups with Dr. Spera will help monitor the condition of your implants and determine if a replacement or adjustment is needed.

Choosing Dr. Carlos Spera for your breast augmentation ensures you’re in the hands of a top-rated plastic surgeon in Miami with over 30 years of experience. Our clinic prioritizes patient safety, satisfaction, and natural-looking results, making us a preferred choice for many seeking transformative cosmetic procedures in the region.

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