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Signs that you may need breast reduction surgery in Miami

Signs that you may need breast reduction surgery in Miami

While some women are aspiring to have big breasts to project their self-image confidently, others are struggling with their burden-causing large breasts. Breast reduction surgery, also known as reduction mammoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgery in Miami to date due to its high demand. There are numerous reasons why many women undergo surgery on breast reduction in Miami—ranging from medical reasons to discomfort. If you are thinking about undergoing such procedure yet you are still undecided or unsure, here are some signs to look at whether you need to undergo breast reduction surgery as soon as possible or not. Experiencing Back and Neck Pain One of the most common discomforts felt by women with large breasts felt around their neck, back, or shoulders. If it is continuously felt and not treated as soon as possible, it may become severe that eventually affects your ability to carry out some of your daily tasks. Hand and feet numbness is closely linked to back pain caused by large breasts. At present, many women with large breasts seek plastic surgery on breast reduction in Miami either to ease nerve pains or some medical reasons. Dr. Carlos Spera—a renowned Plastic Surgery in Miami administers breast reduction surgery helping many women after careful diagnosis and examination. Improper Posture Your body posture and proportions are often associated with the size of your breasts. Having large breasts creates mild to severe problems on your body posture, which can get worse through time. Heath experts and cosmetic surgeons stressed that poor posture results in an arched back, spinal complications, and chronic pain in neck and shoulder, to name some. If you feel that your large breasts cause poor posture and even discomfort, the best recommendation is to undergo a breast reduction surgery. Undergoing such plastic surgery will remove excess tissue, fat, and skin from your breast to ease discomfort and to achieve a breast size proportionate to your body. The Occurrence of Chafing and Itchy Rashes Another evident sign that you may want to consider this plastic surgery is the occurrence of chafing and itchy rashes under your breasts. According to plastic surgeons, large breasts can cause infections, chafing, and rashes under the breasts. If you feel you have any one or more of these painful and uncomfortable symptoms, don’t hesitate to check in at Dr. Carlos Spera—a renowned Plastic Surgery in Miami to put your pain and discomfort to rest. Restricted activities A healthy lifestyle is a must for everyone. Hence, there should be proper exercise and physical workout to achieve such.  However, if your large breast limits your ability to perform such physical activities due to painful experiences and deterring movements, then you must reconsider undergoing breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction surgery will help you improve your self-image and allows you to participate in physical activities actively for a healthy lifestyle. Older Physique As many women grow older, sagging breast becomes evident. Moreover, some women develop large breasts during pregnancy or after gaining weight that can be bothersome afterward. It is a perfect sign that you need to undergo breast reduction surgery to restore your youthful look without being worried about your sagging breast and other signs of aging. Dr. Carlos Spera—a renowned Plastic Surgery in Miami often combines breast reduction surgery with another plastic surgery to address breast sagging to radiate a desirable youthful look. Wanted to Undergo Brest Reduction Surgery? The large breast should not make you lose your confidence. With breast reduction surgery from a renowned and certified plastic surgeon, you can look and feel fabulous, projecting a more positive self-image, and the same time to ease discomfort. To learn more about plastic surgery on breast reduction in Miami, Dr. Carlos Spera is the right place to get started. Book now and schedule an appointment to achieve your desired look by setting realistic expectations.

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