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What kind of results should i expect after gynecomastia surgery in Miami

What kind of results should i expect after gynecomastia surgery in Miami

gynecomastia surgery in Miami The ideal candidates for gynecomastia surgery in Miami are male patients with drastic enlargement of their breast tissue or experiencing physical signs of abnormalities, usually caused by excess tissue and gland formation. Abnormal swelling of your pectoral area occurs when there is a drastic imbalance between testosterone and estrogen that stimulates the growth of excess glandular breast tissue.  Cases of gynecomastia in Miami are increasingly becoming rampant, affecting both boys and adult men. Based on the world’s statistics, one-third of the male population suffers from gynecomastia at some point in their lifetime. While some men outgrow gynecomastia once they undergo their puberty stage, others don’t. Through revolutionary plastic surgery procedures, it can now possibly be treated, allowing men to feel more comfortable in their physical outlook. In fact, gynecomastia in Miami is becoming a popular treatment for men who are struggling with drastic enlargement of their breast tissue. What to expect with gynecomastia surgery? Various plastic surgery procedures can be administered to treat gynecomastia in Miami, depending on the severity of the case. Before Dr. Carlos Spera recommends a specific procedure based on your condition, he will first discuss your condition personally and introduce the treatment plans, your expectations, and other necessary information. Once you are now comfortable with your decision, you will now undergo gynecomastia and start your journey towards a more confident physique and a positive outlook. Gynecomastia plastic surgery procedure is considered a major procedure; hence, the recovery process will take approximately four to six weeks, depending on the severity of your condition. Keep in mind that it is only an estimated recovery time and could vary based on the type of procedure that will be undertaken, as well as your overall health condition. Results after undergoing gynecomastia procedure Dr. Carlos Spera—a renowned Plastic Surgery in Miami gives you what kind of results that patients should expect after gynecomastia plastic surgery. Trimmer chest profile. Immediately after you undergo gynecomastia, you can now see significant changes in your breast. You will now notice a more contoured and trimmer chest profile, with improved results as post-op swelling begins to subside. Your ideal physique should be fully apparent within four to six months after you undergo surgery. Produce visible and permanent results. As long as you are disciplined in maintaining stable body weight and avoid using steroids and other medications that negatively affect your testosterone level, expect that your gynecomastia plastic surgery can give you permanent results, aside from a more contoured chest profile. Visible scars are temporarily evident. Although Dr. Carlos Spera attempts to hide your incision lines along the natural contours of your chest, visible scars will still be temporarily evident. But, they will fade over time as your recovery progresses. Immediately after your procedure, you will be bandaged and given a compression garment to help minimize swelling on the incision area and support your chest contour as you heal. You may undergo a surgical drain to facilitate the removal of excess blood and fluid out of the surgical site, depending on the extent of your procedure. You may experience soreness. Gynecomastia is known to have a relatively gentle recovery period. It is normal, like most other plastic surgery procedures, to experience soreness during the first three days of at-home rest, but only minimal pain will be felt. Dr. Carlos Spera will prescribe you some over-the-counter pain relievers and similar medications to ease soreness and to improve your overall comfort. Temporary loss of sensation. Some men experience a temporary loss of sensation, especially on the surgical site. But in most cases, the full sensation will gradually be restored over a few weeks or months following your plastic surgery. Is Gynecomastia surgery right for you? If you are not sure if undergoing gynecomastia in Miami is the ideal option for you, don’t hesitate to seek expert advice from Dr. Carlos Spera—a renowned Plastic Surgery in Miami today. He will scrutinize the step-by-step procedure for you to find out if plastic surgery is the best fit for your condition to achieve desirable results that boost your self-confidence.

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