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Best breast reduction recovery tips in Miami

Best breast reduction in Miami recovery tips

Best breast reduction recovery tips in Miami Breast reduction in Miami: is a plastic surgery administered to remove breast tissues and skin from the breast to reshape and lift the breast while it reduces its size. It is also an alternative treatment to make the dark area around the nipple smaller. Because of its many benefits, breast reduction in Miami is one of the most requested plastic surgery. After the plastic surgery, you will probably feel weak, feel soreness lasting for about two to three weeks, and may feel that something is stretching or pulling in your breast area. However, you will feel better during your recovery stage. To make the recovery process quicker, Dr. Carlos Spera—a renowned Plastic Surgery in Miami suggests some of the best breast reduction recovery tips for you to achieve the desired outcome.
  1. Get enough rest. Especially when you feel tired, take a rest. Get enough sleep to help you regain the stamina needed for your recovery process.
  2. Avoid lifting. As much as possible, get rid of activities that require you to lift heavy objects as this makes you strain. Do not lift anything over your head for about two to three weeks after breast reduction surgery. You can also ask the plastic surgeon when you can drive again. You will go back to work or your usual routine after two to three weeks, depending on the type of work you engage in and any further treatment.
  3. Eat a nutritious diet. You can eat your usual diet; however, nutritional intake is preferable as it promotes quick and healthy healing. Try bland, low-fat foods like broiled chicken, yogurt, and plain rice when you feel that your stomach is upset.
  4. Drink plenty of liquids. Aside from being disciplined on your food intake, drink plenty of water to replenish yourself and to allow vitamins and minerals to distribute evenly through your bloodstream.
You may also notice that your bowel movement is not regular after breast reduction plastic surgery. Drinking plenty of liquids will minimize constipation and strains with bowel movements. In addition to water intake, take a fiber supplement. However, take a mild laxative if you have not had a bowel movement after a couple of days following your plastic surgery.
  1. Be mindful of your drug intake. Dr. Carlos Spera will prescribe you what medicine you will take, including the time you can consume them. He will give you further instructions about taking any new medications. If you take blood thinner medicine like aspirin before plastic surgery, ask him when to start taking it. Always remember to take pain medicines exactly as directed.
  2. Wear garments prescribed by the plastic surgeon. It is essential to follow specific instructions given by the plastic surgeon. Moreover, patients who undergo breast reduction in Miami were recommended to wear a special bra that holds their bandages in place after they undergo surgery. Wearing an underwire bra is not advisable within one month after breast reduction surgery.
  3. Wash the incision area with care. Carefully wash the incision area using warm and soapy water, and then pat it to dry using a clean towel. Cover the incision area with a gauze bandage, especially when it rubs or weeps against your clothing, and change it regularly. Never apply alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to the incision area, which can slow down the healing process.
  4. Avoid strenuous activities. During your recovery period, get rid of strenuous activities such as stretching, jogging, bicycle riding, weight lifting, or aerobic exercise until the plastic surgeon will now allow you to do so. Instead, try to walk every day. It is preferable to start walking a little more than to take the day before. Little by little, increase the amount you walk. By merely walking, it will boost your blood flow and helps you prevent further complications such as pneumonia and constipation.
  5. Put ice to lessen swelling. In every plastic surgery procedure, swelling is evident. Apply ice or a cold pack over your breast for about 10 to 20 minutes at a time to ease swelling. Do not put the ice directly to the incision site. When using ice, put a thin cloth on the ice before applying it over your breast.
  6. Obey the advice of the plastic surgeon. The most crucial post-op aftercare tip is to follow the expert advice of Dr. Spera for a quick recovery process.
Contact us now! The recovery process for breast reduction is an integral part of your overall treatment to achieve the desired outcome afterward. It is vital to be disciplined on your aftercare, as this will determine how long your recovery process is and the success of the plastic surgery, in general. If you have other queries regarding follow-up care, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Carlos Spera—a renowned Plastic Surgery in Miami today to know more about breast reduction aftercare tips.

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