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What to expect when you undergo tempsure™ vitalia in Miami

What to expect when you undergo tempsure™ vitalia

For some, vaginal rejuvenation is still very much taboo, but this has become one of the fastest-growing treatments requested by women today. TempSure™ Vitalia is an ideal option for those who wanted to feel young again both inside and out. For some women, hormonal changes occur due to pregnancy, menopausal, or having birth control. Unfortunately, these hormonal fluctuations tend to harm your genitalia. It may potentially cause you to experience vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence, and a lack of sensation during sexual intercourse, which should immediately address. Now is the right time to get revitalized! Dr. Carlos Spera—renowned plastic surgery in Miami offers a revolutionary procedure that surely helps you combats your problems through TempSure™ Vitalia. What is TempSure™ Vitalia? TempSure™ Vitalia is the quickest and easiest way to combat your hormonal changes, specifically designed for vaginal health and holistic well-being. With the aid of radiofrequency energy, TempSure™ Vitalia helps you combat the effects of hormonal changes. It is an FDA-approved procedure that aims to restore and tighten loose vaginal tissue and as well as improving nerve sensitivity, leading to a more enjoyable personal life. This vaginal rejuvenation procedure improves your functionality as well as restores your femininity that many women lose as they go with the normal aging process. The heat coming from the radio frequency energy is integral to improve the circulation in your vaginal tissues. At the same time, it also increases the production of collagen and as well as elastin. Moreover, it also helps quickly remove your intimate wellness without making a step into the surgery room or compromising yourself on lengthy recovery time. What to expect during the procedure? The process begins by inserting the small TempSure™ Vitalia device into your vaginal opening once you are now in a comfortable position. Then, the device will now be activated to deliver temperature-controlled radiofrequency energy. Patients who already undergo TempSure™ Vitalia in Miami can attest that the mild heat did not cause them to experience some discomfort. The procedure will last for approximately 20 to 30 minutes. What are the expected results when you undergo TempSure™ Vitalia? After your TempSure™ Vitalia procedure is over, you can now drive yourself home immediately. Usually, you will have no restrictions on your actions after you undergo TempSure™ Vitalia since there is no downtime associated with it. Instant results are now evident by having some improvement in your symptoms after your first appointment. However, Dr. Carlos Spera—renowned plastic surgery in Miami advises you to undergo more treatment sessions for you to receive your desired results. Like most plastic surgery, everyone’s body is unique. Hence, the effects and results are relative. Moreover, it is impossible to predict the exact number of sessions that are ideal and required for you. This treatment aforementioned can work synergistically. Dr. Carlos Spera—renowned plastic surgery in Miami can recommend you some option for you during your consultation. What will TempSure™ Vitalia do for me? The following are the benefits when you undergo TempSure™ Vitalia:
  • Increase lubrication and increase sensitivity;
  • Increase your sexual well-being;
  • Improve urinary leak or some incontinence;
  • Tighten your vaginal canal;
  • Restore your confidence;
  • Revive your sexual pleasure; and
  • Improve and tighten the appearance of your vaginal skin.
As a woman, you should not have to compromise your body with a lot of complicated health issues solely because you are undergoing some hormonal changes as you are getting older. A revolutionary and complete system that TempSure™ Vitalia offers helps women feel empowered again!   How can we help The only way to make this a reality is by enriching your knowledge about TempSure™ Vitalia through consultation with Dr. Carlos Spera—renowned plastic surgery in Miami. Don’t hesitate to contact us today or schedule your consultation now. We are looking forward meeting you soon!

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