Cheek implants

February 3, 2016

A well-balanced, youthful face is associated with full, smooth cheeks. Changes to the contour of the face with age or weight loss often lead to a sunken, aged appearance. There are various ways to augment the mid-face, such as non-permanent fillers like Radiesse, permanent fillers like fat, or implants. Depending on the type of deficiency, different techniques are employed for the best results. Based on the pre-operative consultation, a permanent cheek implant may be chosen. For cheek implants, the patient may need local or general anesthesia. A cheek implant may be a separate procedure or done at the time of face lift. An incision is made intraorally and therefore does not leave a visible scar. The implant is inserted through this small incision and secured in place with stitches. It is a silicone elastomer implant that is solid yet flexible and conformable. The implants come in a variety of sizes that can be fitted to the patient. This procedure is relatively non-invasive and low risk and has a fast recovery time.

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