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10 reasons to get chin implants or mentoplasty

If you feel that you are among those people who are dissatisfied with the shape and size of their chin, and you are having thoughts of enhancing it, then chin implants or mentoplasty might be the most ideal option for you. Mentoplasty, commonly known as chin implant surgery or chin augmentation, is a type of facial plastic surgery that may make your chin more extruding and more prominent. Listed below are ten benefits of having a chin implant.  

1.- It accentuates the jawline.

Notably, a stronger jawline can enhance your femininity or masculinity. Chin implants or mentoplasty does not only improve the appearance of your chin but may also enhance the appearance of your jaw since the underlying structure of the chin is transformed. 

2.- It gives an enhanced side profile.

Oftentimes, a facial imbalance or asymmetry can be caused by a big nose, a sunken chin, or both. Fortunately, having a chin implant can give you the light to improve the appearance of your face from all aspects, especially the profile view, by balancing your features from any perspective.

3.- It practices precautious incisions.

A chin implant can be positioned by a tiny incision under the chin or within the lip, both hidden during normal interactions. For some patients, including you, elective surgery is a personal decision that you omit to discuss with others; a concealed incision promotes privacy and reduces post-procedure self-consciousness.

4.- It supports non-surgical options.

If you are not yet ready for plastic surgery, a non-surgical chin augmentation is an excellent starting point. The operation may be carried out using cosmetic dermal injections to increase volume to the chin. Non-surgical chin augmentation is not a permanent treatment, but you can experience better outcomes with less time and money. 

5.- It accommodates options based on the patient’s needs.

Chin implants are available in numerous forms. Thus, allowing you to have a highly personalized, new feature. During your appointment with your plastic surgeon, it is best to raise queries and suggestions on what is best suited for you. By doing so, he or she will be able to go over all of your options, as well as the material on which he or she has the most surgical experience.

6.- It gives off a natural result.

Chin implants come in a range of forms; some are thought to be permanent under your skin and become forever part of your body. If you are hesitant to get a chin implant or mentoplasty because you hesitate to look like a fictional version of yourself, then worry no more, as chin implants can appear extremely natural. While meeting your plastic surgeon, the software may show you realistic outcomes to help you and your plastic surgeon decide on aesthetic judgments. 

7.- It boosts confidence.

Facial plastic surgery may boost your self-esteem in the same way you dress up and present yourself. It gives you the confidence of becoming someone new.  While it may be tedious to ignore what others think of you, it is best to attune your beauty to what you think is appropriate and beautiful for you.

8.- It has lasting results.

Chin implants locked on your natural chin are long-lasting. The implants put on you may be made of a variety of biocompatible materials, which will bond with the existing bone in the region. Although jaw surgery is possible, it necessitates a longer healing period associated with discomfort. Moreover, undergoing chin implant surgery can give you the same long-term advantages in a less invasive technique.

9.- It balances out a prominent nose.

If you are born with a prominent nose and may not want to remove this, then chin implant or mentoplasty is for you. If you choose to have a rhinoplasty, your plastic surgeon may be cautious with the tissues for a variety of reasons. In these cases, a chin implant can help to balance your nose and create an appealing connection between these two facial characteristics.

10.- It radiates an enriched appearance.

Regardless of how healed, you are inward, once the outward version of you has been rebuilt, you will look more confident and radiant. By altering the lower part of your face, the chin may make you seem more feminine if you are a woman and masculine if you are a man. With this, you will start feeling great about yourself further.


At this time and age where plastic surgery is deeply normalized, having a mentoplasty or chin augmentation would be an ideal choice if you are thinking of enhancing your chin. However, you must always remember that you are beautiful even without your chin implants. If you think that enhancing yourself would make you feel more of who you are, then no amount of unsolicited opinions shall shatter your confidence.  

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