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5 tips to prepare for a Breast Reduction

Dr. Carlos Spera - Did you finally make the decision to consider breast reduction surgery? Everyone wants to make sure everything goes smoothly as planned. So other than the instructions Dr. Carlos Spera gave you, we made a list of tips to help you prepare before undergoing breast reduction surgery so you’ll have a fun and stress free experience before and after the procedure.

   1.- Keep Your Health in Order

Any time you undergo surgery, one of the most important things is to make sure to keep your health is in its optimal condition. This will greatly help speed up the healing and recovery process. Before undergoing a surgical procedure, you should abstain from drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco, get enough rest and sleep, and you will probably have to undergo some routine tests and medical evaluations. A mammogram is often scheduled before breast reduction surgery and again after the surgery to ensure that future screenings are at the same baseline.  During two weeks leading up to your surgery, you will also be instructed to avoid certain medications to reduce the risk of complications. Along with strictly following your surgeon's instructions, you should prepare for your recovery and know what to expect after the procedure.

   2.- Someone to drive you and help you at your home

A responsible individual will be needed to take you home, pick up your medication, and stay with you for the next 24 to 48 hours. If you have children at home, ensure that someone will take care of them after you have your breast reduction surgery. Make sure someone you trust will handle all your household responsibilities until you're able to take care of yourself again.

   3.- Prepare your home for your recovery

As with any surgery procedure, your movements will be very limited for a few days or weeks so having an area with all your needs in one place will be very helpful, and also make sure it includes the following:
  • Towels, washcloths, and gauze that are clean
  • Surgical bras from your surgeon
  • A telephone or mobile phone that is easy to reach in cases of emergencies
  • Prescribed medications such as antibiotics, ointments and pain killers
  • Blouses and t-shirts that are loose
  • Books, movies and magazines to keep you company and stress during the recovery process

   4.-Take limited mobility into consideration

For a while after the breast reduction surgery procedure, it will be difficult for you to lift heavy objects. Take note of the items that you lift on a regular basis in your home. Plan to have smaller containers that you can manage after breast reduction surgery. Make sure important things are easy to reach to avoid bending or stretching just to get the items you need to avoid complications and injuries.

   5.- Notify the business you are working with in advance

Because of your limited mobility taking a leave of absence from work will be an important part of your preparation for breast reduction. In general, the average time for returning to work is two weeks, but it can take as much as four. Depending on what kind of job you have, your doctor can help you determine how long you should be off work. If you or your doctor need to submit any paperwork, discuss it early on with your supervisor. Make your request as soon as possible-it could take time to process your request, and you don't want to risk your job.

    A trouble-free breast reduction surgery with Dr. Carlos Spera 

Dr. Carlos Spera, a certified plastic surgeon in Miami, has helped countless people improve their life and well-being with plastic surgery procedures such as breast reduction surgery. If you are suffering from back or neck problems because of an overly large breast or would like to rejuvenate your breast after pregnancy or breastfeeding, don’t hesitate to book a quick consultation or visit our plastic surgery locations in Miami FL, Fort Lauderdale FL, and Palm Beach FL.  

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