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7 breast reduction recovery tips

Breast reduction surgery is a life changing surgery for women and men who have struggled from pain, stiffness, and other restrictions of having large breasts that are not in proportion to the parts of your body. Here are 7 helpful breast reduction recovery tips to make sure your breast reduction surgery recovery goes as smoothly as possible.
  • Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Water is the most vital item we can consume into our bodies, and it is especially crucial after a surgical operation like a breast reduction. Water will first aid in the removal of all remnants of anesthetic from your body as well as lessen the discomfort and hazards associated with recovery. It can help you keep hydrated and minimize edema. Always have a drink of water on hand.
  • Take Caution When Lying Down

You may suffer edema following your breast reduction that lasts for many months. In fact, because of this type of swelling, you may not notice the full effects of your treatment right away. The edema is a normal aspect of the healing process and cannot be completely eliminated. However, elevating your chest while sitting and sleeping may assist to reduce edema. Sleeping with pillows beneath your chest rather than on your side or back may help minimize edema.
  • When you require assistance, ask for it.

The healing period following breast reduction surgery should be an excellent time to seek assistance from friends and family. Make sure you get a friend or relative, a partner, or medical assistance with you during the first 3 days after your treatment. They can assist you with your daily maintenance, make meals, and administer medicine.
  • Consume nutritious foods to aid your breast reduction recovery

It may be tempting to return to indulgent foods after surgery in order to cope with stress. However, eating a variety of nutritious, healthful foods is the greatest approach to guarantee your body receives the nutrients it requires to recuperate. Many individuals plan for this by preparing and preserving nutritious meals ahead of time, which reduces the burden of preparation while still ensuring that you get all the nutrition that you need to get back in shape.
  • Medications Should Be Taken As Directed

While discomfort from breast reduction should indeed be kept to a minimum, it is still a surgery. This indicates that some discomfort should be expected throughout the first healing phase. If your cosmetic surgeon prescribes pain medication, take it as advised rather than attempting to "hold out." Patients that are in pain tend to recover more slowly, so managing your discomfort can help you heal faster. If you are given antibiotics, finish the course to get the best available protection while you recover. You may choose to take over-the-counter pain relievers instead of prescription painkillers; discuss your medication options with your plastic surgeon for the best outcomes.
  • Breast reduction bras and bandages proper care

Your breasts will most likely be bandaged with gauze rightly after your breast reduction treatment, and you may be given a special compression bandage. Your surgeon will advise you on how long to wear the bandages and whether to utilize any specialist equipment. Keep your compression bandage on as long as your cosmetic surgeon recommends to preserve your breasts and ease your recuperation. After this first period of healing, you can resume wearing bras. A supporting, gentle bra, such as a post-surgical bra, may be the best option here. This can help keep your breasts in place and reduce bruising and edema. In most circumstances, you should keep on wearing the bra while resting as well.
  • Limit physical activities

It is suggested that you limit your physical activity in the first few weeks after your operation for the greatest outcomes. Short walks are fine for a few days following surgery, but you should avoid intensive exercises or activity for roughly four weeks. In most circumstances, you'll be able to return to work in a week or two after surgery  

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