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How do I prepare for a calf implant procedure

If you want to emphasize the bulk of your calf muscles or would like your lower leg to be proportionate to your thigh or someone who feels unsatisfied with how their lower leg looks. You may want to consider calf augmentation or calf implant. It is also an effective way to correct lower leg defects caused by injury, disease, or birth defects, such as clubfoot or spina bifida.  A calf augmentation or calf implant is a plastic surgery procedure that significantly increases the size and improves the shape of the leg. As well as toning and defining your lower leg if it cannot be improved solely through exercise, it can correct a muscular imbalance caused by birth defects. Silicone is used in calf augmentation or calf implants, a durable rubber-like material inserted under the skin. Upon inserting the silicone, the area will appear full, which is beneficial when it comes to adding fullness to your calves, especially if these muscles aren't well defined. Following this plastic surgery procedure, your calves will look bigger and better toned. While the plastic surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure, which means that the patient will have the procedure either at the plastic surgeon's office or at the hospital. Taking the necessary preparations would lead to a successful outcome.

Preparation tips for calf implant or augmentation procedure

Stop taking anticoagulant medications. Prior to surgery, it is important to avoid taking supplements, NSAIDs, and blood-thinning medications for at least two weeks. This period can be extended if necessary by your cosmetic surgeon based on your recovery. In addition, if any medicines prescribed by your doctor are being taken, speak to your cosmetic surgeon to see if they need to be adjusted.  Refrain from smoking or using tobacco products. If you are a smoker or consuming tobacco products, It is recommended that you refrain from smoking for a few weeks before and after your surgery. You should generally avoid smoking within the period defined by your cosmetic surgeon.  Maintain good hygiene habits. By washing your lower legs thoroughly and maintaining proper hygiene, you can reduce the risk of infection.  Have a healthy diet. For the days leading up to your surgery, eat light foods. It is recommended to drink only fluids during the 24 hours leading up to the procedure. Additionally, you should make sure you have a good bowel movement the night before your surgery. If you are unable to do so, then use a fleet enema or mild laxative. Postoperative nausea and abdominal discomfort will be reduced by this method. Make sure you get enough sleep. Before your surgery, you should get a good night's sleep. You can take an over-the-counter sleep aid if you are nervous or anxious the night before. Those already taking nerve medication, such as diazepam, should contact their doctor for directions. Get professional help. Hire a professional to help you recover after an operation. By doing so, you can receive assistance in emptying your surgical drains, taking your medicine properly, and moving around your house.  Prepare comfortable clothes. Wear something loose and comfortable on the day of your surgery. It is better if you are accompanied by a responsible person.  Request a day off or two-week leave from your workplace. Leave should be requested at least a week in advance at your workplace. It would be helpful if you told your employer that you need to avoid physically strenuous activity for a few days after returning to work. Overall it's important to be as healthy as you can be and prepare yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally before undergoing calf implant or calf augmentation procedure. Be as active as you can, eat well, and get plenty of sleep before the procedure. Smokers should stop smoking as soon as possible even if it is just a few days before surgery. Because it can lead to breathing problems and difficulty recovering from anesthesia and surgery. Being healthy leads to a faster and successful calf implant or augmentation procedure or any kind of surgery. And properly preparing yourself and the stuff around you can be a lot less stressful.  

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