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10 Feb

5 Things to Know Before Getting a Tummy Tuck or Liposuction with Dr. Carlos Spera

Key Takeaways: Tummy Tuck and Liposuction with Dr. Carlos Spera Procedure Differences: Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) involves removing excess fat and skin and tightening muscles, ideal for significant body changes. Liposuction targets specific fat pockets, suitable for those with good skin elasticity. Recovery Time: Tummy tuck requires several weeks for recovery, while liposuction has a shorter […]


16 Jan

Deep Plane Face Neck Lift – Transforming Lives in Miami and Fort Lauderdale

Introduction Welcome to the world of transformative cosmetic surgery with Dr. Carlos Spera, a renowned name in Miami’s plastic surgery landscape. Today, we’re delving into one of the most life-changing procedures available at our Miami clinic – the Deep Plane Face Neck Lift. This procedure isn’t just a surgery; it’s a journey towards rediscovering your […]