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Danger of Injecting Non-Medical Grade Substances

Another interesting day here at the office.  A patient was referred to us by her Primary Care Physician with massive swelling on her face. She informed Dr. Spera that approximately one week ago, she injected herself with Fish Oil that she extracted from Fish Oil Capsules by using her husband’s Diabetic Syringes !!! She not only had massive swelling, but also Facial Asymmetry and Discoloration. LESSON OF THE DAY: Do Not even think of injecting anything into your body by yourself. Non-Medical Grade substances, one of them being Paraffin, have been used over the years with bad outcomes and horrible disasters. The Parrafin was being injected into the breasts for enlargement and caused “Paraffinoma”, which are tumors in the breasts. Don’t try to do these injections at home, we have safe medical grade permanent fillers for any facial enhancement you may need. Call us for a Complimentary Consultation !  

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