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Eyelid surgery in Miami

Eyelid surgery in Miami

Eyelid surgery in Miami Eyelid surgery in Miami: Blepharoplasty, commonly known as eyelid surgery, is being administered to remove excess skin, muscles, and fats from the upper eyelids and to reduce bagginess from the lower eyelid. It is usually done for mostly cosmetic reasons. Eyelid surgery in Miami is a preferred choice for older people whose sagging upper eyelids interfere with their vision. As we grow older, our skin also gradually loses its elasticity, which also causes some excess skin to collect both the upper and lower eyelids. As the muscles supporting the eyelids slowly weaken, it will begin to stretch. The excess skin formulated in the lower eyelid causes bulges and wrinkles. On your upper eyelid, the occurrence of an extra fold of skin can be a hindrance to your vision as they hang over your eyelashes. It is noteworthy that an eye lift surgery procedure may not be the ideal plastic surgery if your goal is to remove dark circles under your eyes, facial wrinkles, and crow’s feet. The fat that cushions the eyeball can cause bulges both in the upper and lower eyelids.  The thin membrane that holds the fat weakens as we grow older, which lets the fat push forward into the lids. What are the benefits of eyelid surgery in Miami? The following are the potential benefits of eyelift surgery:
  • Restore the younger shape above your eyes: Perhaps, the most obvious reason why people seek eyelift surgery in Miami is to look younger. We have very delicate skin above our upper eyelid. As we age, that skin has less and less collagen. When this happens, the skin in our eyelids cannot withstand gravity. As a result, our eyes appear to be saggy and droopy. Undergoing eyelift surgery is a reliable way to get rid of excess skin and gives your eyes a younger look.
  • It can boost your self-confidence: If you feel self-conscious about looking old and tired all the time, it significantly affects your overall confidence and performance. You can get rid of that self-consciousness by undergoing eyelift surgery, leaving you free to enjoy each day.
  • Gives you an alert and rested appearance: When the skin in your upper eyelid sags, your eyes were seen as half-closed and noticeably tired. As a result, it makes your eyes look droopy and partially closed. People who already undergo eyelift surgery can attest to the effectiveness of this plastic surgery as they remark about how well-rested they look following the surgery.
  • Improves your field of vision: As we grow older, the sagging skin in our eyes becomes so severe that it falls in front of our eyes and can block part of our vision. Hence, undergoing eyelift surgery can help you improve your field of vision.
  • Gives you long-term results: Some cosmetic treatment does not produce long-lasting results, especially true with a non-surgical procedure. Eyelift surgery can give you a desirable and long-lasting result.
Who is the ideal candidate for eyelift surgery? Ideally, the candidates that best fit to undergo eyelift surgery in Miami are:
  • People who have overall good health: By undergoing an eyelift surgery requires patients to have overall good health without any medical complications to ensure the effectiveness of the overall surgery and to achieve the desired result.
  • People who have realistic expectations the plastic surgery: You must have realistic expectations on the outcome of the plastic surgery and a realistic idea of what you want.  People who undergo such plastic surgery are mostly 35 years old and older, but if baggy or droopy eyelids are common in the family, you may opt to have the surgery sooner.
Eyelid surgery can potentially improve your facial appearance and will help build your confidence. However, it may not result in your desired outcome or alter your facial structure. It is best if you contemplate on your holistic goals and discuss them with Dr. Carlos Spera—a renowned Plastic Surgery in Miami before deciding to undergo eyelift surgery. Recovery tips for eyelift surgery Dr. Carlos Spera will likely to suggest you take the following steps during the recovery period following eyelift surgery in Miami:
  • Clean your eyelids gently by using ointments and eye drops specifically prescribed by the plastic surgeon.
  • Applying eye packs on your eyes for approximately 10 minutes every hour the night after you undergo eyelift surgery. The following day, apply ice packs on your eyes five times throughout the day.
  • Avoid doing activities that can potentially give you strain, such as heavy lifting. It is also recommended not to take swimming for a week following plastic surgery.
  • Get rid of strenuous activities, such as jugging and aerobics within a week.
  • Avoid smoking and nicotine products.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes as it may negatively affect the surgical site.
  • Don’t put on contact lenses for about two weeks following the surgery.
  • Wear darkly tinted sunglasses to protect the skin of your eyes from the wind or sun.
  • Apply a cold compress to eliminate swelling.
  • Avoid medications that may potentially increase bleeding, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, and other medications and herbal supplements. Instead, take acetaminophen to ease the pain.
People who undergo eyelift surgery in Miami express satisfaction with the results of the plastic surgery, such as gaining a more youthful appearance and boosting self-confidence. The results of the plastic surgery may last for a lifetime for most people. Swelling and swelling will subside within two weeks following the eyelift surgery, which will be the time when you now feel comfortable going out again.  However, scars caused by surgical cuts may take more than a month before it begins to fade.  It is essential to still take extra care of your delicate eyelid skin by protecting it from too much sun exposure. Contact us now! Contact with Dr. Carlos Spera today for a consultation for Eyelid surgery in Miami.

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