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Grade I ptosis with implants plus tummy tuck

There are varying degrees of breast ptosis or breast sagging that are assessed when a patient presents for a pre-operative consult. Some of the conditions require a mastopexy or lift while others can be corrected with implants alone. Pictured is a patient with a mild form of breast ptosis. By placing implants, she is able to have a slight lift in her nipple areolar complex. This procedure is not appropriate to correct every woman’s breast ptosis, but when this improves the patient’s condition she will not need to have a full lift with as many incisions. The periareolar incision that was made to achieve this look fades over time and is basically not visible. In addition to the breast implants, this patient also underwent a tummy tuck. As you can see in the post- op pictures the fat and excess skin on her stomach is now gone and her stomach is flat. plastic surgery in miami, abdomen reduction in miami, tummy tuck in miami, abdominoplasty in miami, breast reduction in miami,  

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