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How Long Does A Neck Lift Last in Miami

How Long Does A Neck Lift Last in Miami 


Platysmaplasty, commonly known as neck lift is a plastic surgery procedure that specifically targets excess fats and skin to address creasing age-related wrinkling around your neck. It creates a more defined and enhancing the overall appearance of your neck.

Neck lift specifically targets loose skin on your neck without doing much on your cheeks and jowls. As compared to other plastic surgeries like a standard facelift, it is less complex and takes you only less time. However, a neck lift plastic surgery procedure does not give you as much rejuvenation. The question that patients always ask is: How long does a neck lift last?

Neck lift plastic surgery last longer than you expected

A successful neck lift can last for a minimum duration of a decade to 15 years. An extensive neck lift procedure involves tightening up the skin in your neck, removing fatty deposits, and the plication of the platysmal muscle back to the midline on your neck.  There are incisions to be made both in front of your ear, which extends at the back of your ear and into your posterior hairline. The aforementioned steps are vital to enjoying long-lasting neck lift results. A neck lift will last longer if you are following the recommendations of the plastic surgeon thoroughly.

Mini facelift. When you opt for an alternative for your neck lift like mini facelift plastic surgery, the results may not last long compared to the former because mini facelift is less invasive. If successfully done, a mini facelift plastic surgery can last from two to five years. It is integral to consult your plastic surgeon on the ideal plastic surgery and alternatives suited to your needs.

The ideal age to undergo a neck lift

Bear in mind that every case is unique and relative from one patient to another. Research shows that the ideal time to undergo neck lift surgery is before the age of 45 to 55. Turkey necks and other signs of aging occur in most patients in the given age bracket. However, healthy patients can undergo neck lift at the age of 70, as well.

A neck lift can also be a great option for younger patients under the aforementioned age bracket with only an ample amount of neck looseness. It is also recommended for patients who undergo a standard facelift before and like to undergo a neck lift again.

Each plastic surgery case is taken and considered independently. If you are self-conscious about your skin on your neck, chin, and jawline, undergoing a neck lift can be an ideal plastic surgery for you to uplift your self-image and boost your confidence.

Duration of the neck lift surgery

Typically, neck lift surgery usually lasts up to three hours. It is recommended for patients who have loose neck skin. Bear in mind that this specific plastic surgery procedure only addresses loose skin on your neck. If you want to experience rejuvenation on your face rather than your neck, you should also consider taking a standard facelift.  Some patients also opt to undergo forehead or brow lift as complementary to the neck lift.

Neck lift in Miami must be tailored to each patient’s unique needs because each patient are relative from one another and does not follow a predictable pattern of aging.

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