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How long does gluteoplasty recovery take?

Gluteoplasty or buttock augmentation is cosmetic surgery whose purpose is to achieve a better appearance in the buttock area. There are several ways to practice it, but in all cases it is about giving volume and roundness to achieve a younger and more attractive appearance. The main concern of prospective buttock augmentation patients concerns recovery, particularly those considering buttock implants. This article details what to expect after surgery, how long gluteoplasty recovery takes, and a list of post-procedure tips to improve recovery time.

The detail of how long the recovery from gluteoplasty lasts

Recovery after any surgery goes through several stages. In the two to three days after the operation, it is common to experience some moderate to severe pain and tenderness in the area. This can be managed through pain medication. Patients should refrain from sitting, bending over, or sleeping on their backs until cleared by the surgeon. If you had liposuction at the same time as implant surgery, you may be wearing a compression garment. Within a week, pain and swelling, while still present, will be greatly reduced. Patients are encouraged to walk and begin to perform small physical tasks (sitting or bending should be minimized). Many patients begin to see the results of their procedure, which generates a very positive reaction in their mood and self-esteem. By two weeks after surgery, patients are usually allowed to sit normally and sleep on their backs. Walking also begins to be a normal activity. Although the pain is much less at this point, the swelling in the area is still present. Patients can return to work as long as their job is not too physically demanding, so as not to increase the length of recovery from gluteoplasty. About a month after surgery, most bruising or swelling in the area should go away. The implants, however, can still feel firm and tight. Many patients can perform light or moderate exercise. By about six weeks after surgery, most patients can expect the bruising and swelling to mostly resolve, revealing the final results of the procedure. Surgeons typically clear patients to resume all forms of activity, including strenuous exercise. Either way, each recovery process is different depending on the patient. For this reason, Dr. Carlos Spera will be in charge of monitoring and will give you specific advice to achieve a quick and effective recovery.

Tips on how long to recover from gluteoplasty

Most patients experience some degree of pain after the procedure, which will subside over the first two weeks. The intensity of the pain will depend on your pain tolerance and the surgical technique used. Patients will be able to manage pain with prescription medication if necessary. Consult with our professionals to receive the best pain control treatment. Within the issue of how long recovery from gluteoplasty lasts, it is necessary to consider the seating of the implants. Immediately after the procedure it is common for the implants to feel firm and feel in a high position. Over time, the implants will begin to soften and settle into a more desirable position. At approximately 6 weeks the buttocks will begin to have a more settled appearance. Scars after buttock augmentation surgery are permanent. However, the scar is usually small (about 2 inches long) and an experienced plastic surgeon like Carlos Spera will place the incision in an inconspicuous place, usually in the crease between the buttocks. Non-surgical laser treatments may be an option to minimize the appearance. Unlike recovery from most surgeries, sitting or lying on your back is not recommended after butt augmentation surgery. In fact, patients will find sitting for more than 10-15 minutes difficult and uncomfortable until they are almost healed. During the first two weeks after the intervention, patients should rest and sleep mainly lying face down or sideways. It is also recommended to squat slightly (instead of sitting) when going to the bathroom and refrain from driving until fully healed. For the best recovery, always follow all post-procedure instructions provided by your surgeon. Keep all recommended post-procedure appointments and wear recommended compression garments, if indicated. He anticipates a 2 to 3 week leave from work, trying to rest and sleep a lot. Eat healthy foods and stay hydrated with plenty of water during recovery. It is important to note that the length of recovery from gluteoplasty in Miami varies from patient to patient, as each individual's pain tolerance and healing response is different. There are also many procedure-specific variables that can affect recovery, such as the size of the implant and the placement technique used. If you have any questions, consult Dr. Carlos Spera to get all the answers you need.

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