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How long does the breast implant recovery last?

If you've had breast augmentation surgery, you'll want to know how long breast implant recovery takes. Although, unfortunately and as you may have already been informed at the hospital, there are no exact days after which all women feel equally recovered.  Full recovery after surgery varies from woman to woman and based on a number of factors. Therefore, we want to help you discover approximately how long it can last in your case. In addition, surely you have even more specific doubts about your routine and your return to normality, such as, if it is possible to sleep on your stomach, when you can have sex again and how long it is recommended to wear sports bras. Let's see it!

How long does breast implant recovery last in your case?

There is no exact answer for how long breast implant recovery takes. The truth is that there are women who take a few days to return to normal life and others who take a few months. It all depends on your body, how it has reacted and also on the care you provide them. Most women after the operation feel very tired and feel a little sore in the chest and may even perceive purple or pink tones in the breasts. It's normal. This discomfort or pain, in the most extreme cases lasts five days and pain relievers that the specialist prescribes should be enough to make your days more bearable. Therefore, he asks for about a week's leave of absence from work. After this, although you still won't be able to have the same mobility as before, it will be possible for you to work without losing concentration due to the inconvenience.

How long does the discomfort last in the recovery of the breast implant?

The discomfort lasts a maximum of one week, and from the third day you will notice how much milder it is. However, there may be some exercises or movements that are uncomfortable and painful even after a week has passed. This recovery also depends on the type of implant. The submuscular implants are usually more painful and sharp than the subglandular prostheses.

Tips to recover as soon as possible after the breast implant postoperative period

Well, now you know how long breast implant recovery takes. But this recovery that lasts approximately is not complete, it just means that you will not feel constant aches and pains and you can forget about the operation. But the pain can come back after a week if you don't take care of your chest properly or don't follow some basic guidelines. In fact, for some women, the postoperative can last more than two months.  Here are some tips to reduce how long your breast implant recovery takes:
  • Take painkillers regularly as recommended by the specialist, especially after the removal of the bandages.
  • Use the surgical bra provided at all times.
  • Relax your arms and try not to make any unusual movements with them.
  • The breasts should not receive water during the postoperative period.
  • As of the fourth day, you can perform lymphatic drainage.
  • Do not smoke or drink during the postoperative period. And try to follow a proper and nutritious diet. 

Frequently asked questions about how long mom's implant recovery takes

Now that you know how long breast implant recovery takes, you should that you know other aspects that you should take into account during the next month. 

How long do I have to go without raising my arms?

During the time you have the bandage, try not to move your arms unless it is absolutely necessary. Then, for at least two weeks do not make any strange movements.

How long should bandages be kept on?

For at least 4 days, although the specialist will recommend more or less time in your case.

How long should I wear the sports bra?

This depends on each woman. Most doctors recommend wearing it for at least three weeks. But many women decide to increase it until they reach two months.

When can I sleep on my stomach again?

When you feel comfortable, although of course it is not recommended to have this position until after a week or week and a half since the aches and pains could return. The best thing is that after ten days decide if you already feel comfortable in that position and do not do it unless it is essential. So if you were used to sleeping on your stomach, you will have to get used to a new position.

When will I be able to have sex again?

After 48 hours, you can have non-intense sexual relations. Although of course, there can be no contact with the chest area. After approximately two weeks, contact with the chest can reappear during intercourse but with much softer pressure and contact.

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