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How long is the recovery from liposuction?

Liposuction is one of the most widely used techniques in aesthetic treatments throughout the world. It can be done as a single procedure, or combined with other operations. In many cases, it is part of a more complex process that seeks to modify the overall appearance of people. The objective of this procedure is to reduce the amount of fat and skin in certain parts of the body, which are often difficult to achieve with exercise or diet. However, like any other intervention, a subsequent recovery process is necessary. Many people wonder how long it takes to recover from liposuction, which is why we put together this blog post.

How long does liposuction recovery take and what is the process like

The factors that can affect recovery time after liposuction are very varied, as in any other process. Among these factors are, for example, the size and duration of the intervention, the severity of the case, the general health of the patient and his capacity for regeneration, etc. In addition, there are different stages within the recovery that will allow the patient to carry out different activities. Between 1 and 4 days after the operation, it is normal for the patient to begin to return to their daily activities, such as not very demanding jobs. This as long as the intervention, the amount of fat eliminated and the regenerative capacity of the patient allow it, since the times of each body should never be rushed. Approximately after 3 or 4 weeks, it begins to be possible to carry out some sports or physical activity. As swelling and bruising begin to subside, you can begin to push your body a little harder, but without overloading it with excessive effort. In any case, knowing how long it takes to recover from liposuction will always depend on each patient. It is best to turn to specialists to have a timely evaluation of each case. Carlos Spera is a professional recognized for his career and experience, who will be able to provide you with a detailed analysis of the evolution of your liposuction, so that you do not have to worry about recovery times. Either way, there are a few steps that should be followed in most cases to ensure a successful reset of the body.

The recovery step by step

The most complex moment is always the day immediately after the operation. It is advisable to take it very calmly to avoid major problems. Among other recommendations, it is always good to use compression garments or girdles to reduce swelling in the area faster. If pain is felt, pain relievers prescribed by the doctor can always be used to calm them down. The week after liposuction is a good time to take a vacation and let the body rest. During this time it is common to experience swelling, discomfort and pain, so all rest will be welcome. It is also possible to return to work, as long as it is not too demanding. The most advisable thing is not to carry out any activity that requires physical effort so that the body can recover correctly. A month after the operation, it is likely that daily activities can be carried out normally. When wondering how long recovery from liposuction lasts, this may be a timely answer. However, in some cases it is recommended to wait about 6 weeks before doing demanding physical activity, depending on the body of each patient. It is also the time in which the result of the treatment will begin to be observed, since the swelling will decrease with the passing of days. In any case, the definitive effects can take up to 3 months to be appreciated, depending on the area of ​​the body that has been treated. Although the results of liposuction are considered permanent (since the removed fat cannot return to the body), this does not mean that certain precautions should not be taken. Following a balanced diet and engaging in regular physical activity can be very useful so that fat does not re-form in some parts of the body. The demands of the activities may increase over time, although you can start with just one hour of daily walking to prevent the results of liposuction from reversing.

What happens after liposuction recovery

A common symptom during recovery from liposuction is pain in the treated area. Generally these decrease after 48 hours, but if this does not happen they can be treated with analgesics, always under medical supervision. Numbness is also common, but not at all worrisome. Normal sensitivity fully recovers, although this may take a few more days. Numbness may even last for months, as it depends on the area starting to subside. Either Thus, when the inflammation subsides, sensitivity should return without problems. Bruising is also a normal symptom while recovering from liposuction. After 48 hours is the time of greatest appearance of this symptom. However, after about 14 days, a clear improvement in this aspect should be noted. If the liposuction was performed on the neck or jowls, it is good advice to get into the habit of sleeping on your back and with your head elevated, to quickly reduce swelling. In about a week you will be able to start using makeup to camouflage the coloration. Another common symptom is noticing some irregularity in the skin on the treated body parts. This is because the body is sending inflammatory cells to finish eliminating the fat that remains. This generates a process of reabsorption of fat that is even more beneficial for the body. This process can take up to 6 months, during which time the skin may feel harder than usual. No need to worry as it will soften over time. You should remind your doctor if you are taking any medication before liposuction, to rule out any contraindication. Likewise, pre-existing diseases can generate some risk, so you must communicate them. Finally, how long it takes to recover from liposuction depends on many factors, so it's always best to check with a trained doctor. Make an appointment at the Carlos Spera clinic to receive an accurate diagnosis and start treatment according to your needs. The best professionals are waiting for you.

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