Rhinophyma is an irregular and disfiguring enlargement and distortion of the nose, which varies in degree, type and extension. Historically, it has been considered to be the end result of acne rosacea in patients who abuse alcohol. Although the disease is more prevalent in males, it can also be seen in females, and may have no relation to alcohol consumption. At the beginning the increasing vascularity (blood vessels) of the nasal skin turns the skin red. Over time, the skin starts to thicken, to the point that it becomes very noticeable, creating enlargement of the size of the nose, mainly the tip. In severe cases, like the one we show in our picture gallery, real tumors are also formed. These tumors are benign. However, esthetically they are very psychologically traumatic for the patient. Dr. Spera has been treating these patients for many years. The techniques that Dr. Spera utilizes include the use of lasers and removal of the tumors themselves. The surgery can be easily performed under local anesthesia. Once the tumors are removed and the skin is thinned, the appearance of the nose becomes quite normal. Some patients might also need surgery on the cartilage and the framework of the nose as well. If a rhinoplasty needs to be performed in conjunction with treatment of the rhinophyma, the surgeries need to be performed separately. Dr. Spera prefers to first perform the correction of the nasal structure, and later, approximately 3-6 months after the first surgery, Dr. Spera will perform the resurfacing of the skin to complete the transformation of the patient’s nose. The recovery from the specific treatment of the rhinophyma is approximately 3 weeks. The patient can continue with his or her normal activities, and just needs to wear a dressing on the treated area until the skin recovers its natural and normal appearance.


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