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Top seven tips for a speedy rhinoplasty in Miami recovery

Top seven tips for a speedy rhinoplasty in Miami recovery

Rhinoplasty in Miami Rhinoplasty in Miami is administered to reshape the delicate structures of your nose and nasal cavities, giving you a more appealing, attractive, and functional nose. For you to have the best possible results from rhinoplasty, Dr. Carlos Spera—renowned Plastic Surgery in Miami suggests you some essential tips for a speedy rhinoplasty recovery in Miami.
  1. Don’t compromise yourself to rest and recover. After undergoing rhinoplasty, your body needs to have enough stamina to heal. Dr. Carlos Spera—renowned Plastic Surgery in Miami recommend you to avoid any strenuous activities, which includes sports and any activities where bumping your nose could happen. Let your nose heal and recover by preventing any stress or injury during the recovery process. It is best if you rest during these crucial periods.
  1. Eat healthily and increase water intake. For you to heal faster and feel better as soon as possible, eating healthy and drinking plenty of water is essential. A good nutrition diet gives your body what it needs to heal and repair during the healing process. On the other hand, water speeds up your recovery process by flushing out the toxins from anesthetics and as well as reducing possible infections. It allows oxygen and nutrients to be evenly distributed to tissues and bloodstream and drainage of the wound to occur properly.
  1. Avoid anti-inflammatory medications that are not prescribed by your plastic surgeon. It is said that anti-inflammatory medication can cause you swelling and potentially increase your blood flow. This, in turn, leads to bleeding or a slower recovery process. Discuss with your plastic surgeon before taking anti-inflammatory medications.
  1. Avoid taking painkillers or other medications without your plastic surgeon’s consent. Aside from anti-inflammatory medications, Dr. Carlos Spera—renowned Plastic Surgery in Miami will prescribe you painkillers or other medications to reduce the amount of discomfort that you experience in your post-op or recovery process. Normally, you will experience some discomfort and pain, especially during the first few weeks after surgery. The medication and dosage will be specific so that it would not hinder your speedy recovery or can cause any adverse reactions on the healing process.
  1. Take a walk and get outside. It is essential if you plan on things that can benefit you for a speedy recovery. Waking greatly helps you to increase blood circulation throughout your body and helps fluid move and your nose to heal. Getting out for a walk can also help you to release stress while preventing swelling or fluid building up in your body. Increase breathing and slightly increased heart rate is integral to help get oxygen flowing in your body, which aids in your healing process.
  1. Take a bath instead of taking a shower. Bear in mind that the sprints, supports, and the bandages placed in and around your nose after you undergo rhinoplasty should not get wet. To prevent these from becoming wet, taking a bath instead of a shower would be helpful. Wash your face with a damp cloth around the bandages that can help your face outside the bandage fresh. Moreover, bandages should be off around the first week after the rhinoplasty procedure, so this routine would not have to continue too long. 
  1. Lower spicy and salty food intake. To avoid irritation in your nose and sinuses, it is best if you avoid peppery, spicy, and salty foods. Spicy foods can cause your blood vessels to dilate, which can potentially increase bruising and swelling in the early stages of the healing process. On the other hand, salt can increase your blood pressure, which will also increase any swelling and pressure around the surgical site. To minimize the discomfort associated with swelling, it is best if you avoid them. This will significantly prevent your nose from swelling or running or just becoming irritated in general, which promotes speedy recovery.
How can we help? If you have other queries with regard to some tips for a speedy rhinoplasty recovery, contact Dr. Carlos Spera—renowned Plastic Surgery in Miami today! We will give you specific instructions to follow after rhinoplasty plastic surgery for a speedy, smooth recovery as well as optimal final results.

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