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Transumbilical Breast Augmentation in Miami

A woman wants to have a well proportioned perfect figure. Often, small breasts mar the perfection. Sometimes, the cleavage is not right or the breasts are not full or they are uneven or aligned improperly. With breast augmentation surgery you can acquire the perfect breasts to match your perfect figure.

Transumbilical Breast Augmentation in Miami

There are many breast augmentation techniques available. The major concern of patients opting for breast implant in Miami, breast lift in Miami or breast augmentation in Miami is the visibility of scars on the breast after surgery. At Dr. Carlos Spera Plastic Surgery, the center for plastic surgery in Miami, we perform the Transumbilical breast augmentation (TUBA) in Miami, a surgery that does not leave any scars on the breasts after surgery simply because we don’t touch the breasts from outside but approach the breasts from inside through the navel.

Benefits of TUBA (Transumbilical breast augmentation) Surgery

The many benefits of TUBA surgery include
  • Absence of scars
  • Rounded breasts
  • Perfect shaping of breasts
  • Great cleavage
  • Breasts perfectly aligned and even      

What is Breast Augmentation Surgery?

We conduct TUBA surgery by approaching the breasts from inside through the navel. We make an incision at the belly button. From this incision we trace individual paths to the two breasts. We insert a thin instrument and pass it under the skin of the abdomen to reach each breast behind the pectoralis major muscle. We create a pocket by inserting a tissue expander filled with air. Through this we insert the saline implant and fill it with required amount of sterile saline. We then manipulate the breast to provide the best contour. We take up each breast individually and complete the procedure.    

TUBA surgery is superior to other breast augmentation techniques because

  • Surgery takes lesser time
  • Bleeding is minimal
  • Trauma is lesser
  • Recovery is faster

What can you expect from Breast Augmentation Surgery?

The main satisfaction for women is the absence of scars as we do not touch the breasts from outside. We approach the breasts through a small incision at the belly button and the incision is so small that it is almost invisible. The other benefits include
  • High satisfaction
  • Correction of all types of breasts
  • Size and contour as desired by patient    
  • High self esteem and self confidence
  • Newly shaped breasts match with rest of the body
  • Better fitting clothes enhancing beauty
  • Improved sex life

Dr Carlos Spera Plastic Surgery

If you require any type of work on your breasts, then the Dr Carlos Spera Plastic Surgery is the place for you. We offer you the latest technique - Transumbilical Breast Augmentation in Miami. Besides, we undertake several other plastic surgery procedures including
  • Breast implant in Miami
  • Breast lift in Miami
  • Breast augmentation in Miami
Dr. Carlos Spera is a renowned practitioner of plastic surgery with over 30 years of experience in reconstructive and plastic surgery. He is board certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. For a consultation please contact Dr Carlos Spera Plastic Surgery at 954 577 8585.

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