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What Does Otoplasty In Miami Entail?

What Does Otoplasty In Miami Entail?

Otoplasty is basically a fancy term for ear surgery. This procedure was designed to reconstruct or correct defects, deformities as well as the absence of the pinna or the external ear. When you find yourself in need of otoplasty in Miami, you must choose the best plastic surgeon in Miami to do the job. Like any other aesthetic surgery or any other surgery for that matter, you simply cannot afford to go with even the second-best in the field. Presenting Dr. Carlos Spera, who is renowned for his impressive clinic that delivers the best otoplasty in Miami! He is known as the best plastic surgeon in Miami for an excellent reason. He provides excellent and noticeable results with minimal postoperative stress or discomfort. Dr. Carlos Spera has performed countless successful procedures to recreate the perfect and most natural-looking ears. The procedure includes repositioning, reshaping as well as augmenting the cartilage structure or framework of the pinna. Otoplasty is also used to correct congenital disabilities such as microtia or small ears, anotia, or a missing external ear and macrotia or large ears. Otoplasty in Miami is also performed in cases where people have suffered extreme trauma to the ears. Therefore, patients in Miami generally go for an otoplasty due to genetic malformation, poor shape & structure of the ears, or a traumatic injury. Irrespective of your decision to go for otoplasty in Miami, you must go for Carlos Spera. Besides guaranteeing the best care for yourself, you will also be treating yourself to an attentive service replete with world-class infrastructure. You can book an initial appointment with the clinic so that an expert can get a more cohesive look at your ear. After that, they will recommend the best course of action to help you out. Visit for more details now!

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