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27 Sep

How do I prepare for a calf implant procedure

If you want to emphasize the bulk of your calf muscles or would like your lower leg to be proportionate to your thigh or someone who feels unsatisfied with how their lower leg looks. You may want to consider calf augmentation or calf implant. It is also an effective way to correct lower leg defects […]


30 Aug

What causes gynecomastia?

Big breasts are a dream for many women. Not so much for men. However, gynecomastia, or man boobs, causes an enlargement of the breasts in up to 60% of men aged 44 and above. Occasionally, gynecomastia can cause a small lump under the nipples. Breasts can become large and pendulous in others. People with this […]


3 Aug

How Long Do Tempsure Envi Results Last?

With revolutionary plastic surgery techniques, it is now possible to tighten your skin, soften your fine lines, and give your face the overall appearance you desire. What’s more surprising is that it will only take you 20 minutes and have virtually zero side effects or downtime. Radiofrequency technology has come a long way, and what […]


4 Sep

Plastic Surgery in Miami

Plastic surgery in Miami is a commonplace and frequent affair, owing to the exemplary services of Dr. Carlos Spera.