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Does Otoplasty last forever?

What is otoplasty?

Otoplasty or ear surgery is a surgical intervention that aims to reshape the external ear to improve its appearance. It is one of the few cosmetic procedures that can be performed on children, with the advantage that otoplasty lasts forever. It is very common among young people that this type of training in the ears receives ridicule from their peers. Therefore, to improve the image and make the visible form more aesthetic, there is this type of intervention. There are two common problems that cause ears to appear excessively large. On the one hand, the failure in the formation of the anti-helical fold and, on the other, the so-called "bowl of the shell". In the first case, the surgery helps to create or deepen this fold that is located in the outer area of ​​the ear. This is done using a special suture technique called Mustardé sutures. The "shell bowl" is an excessively deep ear cup formation. This can be solved by performing more sutures and, in some cases, removing some small ovals of cartilage. In any case, otoplasty lasts forever and is performed individually for each patient. The incisions are hidden behind the ear so that they are invisible to the eye. Do not hesitate to consult to obtain all the information you need about this and other procedures.

Is it true that otoplasty lasts forever?

Yes, as we already mentioned, otoplasty lasts forever, so it is a most effective intervention. It can be done in children from the age of 6, age from which the size of the ears is already around 90% of what they will have as adults. In addition, it is an age in which the child can already begin to express an opinion about her preferences. It is also the time when socialization begins, so some children may feel left out or may be teased. Although it is important to clarify that this is not a necessary intervention, it can be extremely useful for the correct development of the child's self-esteem and socialization. It is a surgery that, rather than being considered cosmetic, can be understood as reconstructive of a congenital deformation. It is a case similar to what happens with a cleft lip, for example. With computer generated images, it is possible to simulate what the final result of the operation will be. In this way, the child can see what the image of her will be like after the surgery, and you can evaluate whether it is worth it or not. In some cases, it is preferable to wait a while for the child to be older, if that does not represent a problem for his social life. Not only does otoplasty last forever, but it is also very safe and with extremely satisfactory results in most cases. In children, it can be performed under general anesthesia, while adults can undergo the procedure under local anesthesia and sedation.

Otoplasty lasts forever: what are the consequences?

The procedure usually lasts between 1 and 2 hours, and is not at all invasive. It is performed on an outpatient basis, that is, it does not require prior or subsequent hospitalization. Once the anesthesia is placed, the incision is made in the back of the ear to correct the shape and extract part of the cartilage, if necessary. After the operation, the patient must wear a bandage that covers the area for at least 48 hours. Once the bandages are removed, the result can be seen immediately with the naked eye. However, it should be noted that the swelling may take several months to completely disappear. Therefore, the exact shape will only become appreciable over time. In any case, since otoplasty lasts forever, it will not be necessary to undergo a similar intervention in the future. Although otoplasty lasts forever and is extremely safe and reliable, there are some risks as in any operation. Among the complications, an allergy to anesthesia, inflammation, clots or bleeding in the area may occur. On a few occasions, a change in sensation or some type of roughness in the skin is experienced. There is also the risk of asymmetries in both ears or that you are not satisfied with the result. For this reason, it is advisable to resort to the best professionals such as the ones you found.rare in our clinic. The most precise results and the lowest risk are achieved with years of experience and quality in plastic surgery.

Advantages of otoplasty or ear surgery

Although it can be seen as an aesthetic intervention, otoplasty is a very positive tool that allows many people to improve their insertion and social adaptation. Having a physical image with which we are comfortable is essential. And the face is one of the most important issues to improve our self-esteem and give us more confidence to face our day to day. Also, an important advantage of this surgery is that it can be performed safely and effectively in children. As always, it is advisable to consult your doctor before performing it. In addition, there are other advantages of this type of surgery. As it is a minimally invasive intervention, it can be performed on an outpatient basis without hospitalization. In other words, you will be able to go home the same day of the operation. Because otoplasty lasts forever, you or your child will not have to undergo another procedure to maintain the results. This represents a huge advantage in comfort and economy. Finally, the results in the vast majority of patients are highly satisfactory and a significant improvement in quality of life is seen. Do not hesitate to contact us to receive the best advice, in the hands of the most qualified and experienced professionals.

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