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How a neck lift restores your youthful appearence in Miami

How a neck lift restores your youthful appearence in Miami

As we grow older, saggy skin becomes evident, losing its natural elasticity. In particular, the neck—aside from our face, is vulnerable and delicate to this drastic changes brought by effects of aging, weight fluctuations, genetics, and other environmental factors. However, with the advancement of plastic surgery, age-related crease, and wrinkling in the neck area can now possibly addressed through Platysmaplasty—or neck lift in Layman’s term. A neck lifti can remove some excess skin and fat and restores your smooth and youthful contours from your neck to jawline to achieve a youthful and enhanced profile. Here are the other things that you should know about neck lifti and how it can restore your youthful appearance. The Healing Power of Neck Lift In the past, patients are not aware of the healing power of neck surgery, but over the years, there is a drastic influx of patients seeking a neck lift due to its effectiveness and the look of youth it restores. Platysmaplasty is a plastic surgery process that involves the visible signs of aging through removal and redistribution of excess fatty deposits in the patient’s jawline, tightening underlying muscles, and removing sagging skin and shapes into a more youthful and defined neck. It is noteworthy that this procedure may not stop the aging process, but it only minimizes it, making you look younger than your current age. Not a standalone procedure Usually, a neck lif is not solely a plastic surgery procedure to carry out, although it can be. The neck lifti is often complemented with other surgical procedures like a facelift for volume restoration and addresses cosmetic issues throughout the structure of the neck. Dr. Carlos Spera—a renowned Plastic Surgeryi can reduce the overall amount of downtime experienced when a neck lift is complemented with other procedures to achieve your optimal and desired results. The process of neck surgery The overall surgery is quick and painless. If you will undergo a neck lift surgery, you will be placed under general anesthetic and will lift and move tissues around your neck to build defined contours. There is also a removal of excess skin and fat to be done to make your neck tighter and finishing it all up by sutures. The whole process may take around two or more procedures that depend on the altercation needed. Patients usually go home right away after the neck lift surgery. The results of the neck lift procedure are visible almost immediately. However, Dr. Carlos Spera—a renowned Plastic Surger stressed that after the surgery, some bruises and swelling are evident—just like other plastic surgery procedures. You can already experience a youthful and defined appearance once they will recover after some time. Expectations with a neck lift procedure Aside from the initial preparations and surgical procedures, patients will first undergo several evaluations on their physical health and expectations with their plastic surgeon. A neck lift is only one of the plastic surgeries done for this particular concern. Hence, plastic surgeons might recommend setting up additional operations such as brow lifts and skin resurfacing if it is necessary. Patients who undergo neck lift in Miami often feel more confident about their overall appearance following their surgery, boosting their self-esteem. How can we help? Patients already testify the benefits they experienced with neck lift surgery that includes the following: natural-looking results; minimal recovery periods; long-lasting results; achieving a thinner and younger appearance; enhance confidence; and hidden scar placement, among others. With these evident signs of aging and some other factors mentioned, undergoing a neck lift in Miami is recommended. To learn more about the neck lift procedure, schedule your consultation with Dr. Carlos Spera—a renowned Plastic Surgery in Miami to help you restore your saggy and loose skin appearance on your neck. Book now and expect your neck that slimmer, younger, and smoother after surgery. We are anticipating seeing you soon!

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Neck lift

When your neck shows the sign of aging, commonly known as “turkey neck deformity,” a neck lift could be your solution. As you can see in these pictures, this patient needed a neck lift. We recommend extension of the surgery onto the face which allows us to correct the marionette lines and define the jaw line. By suturing the superficial muscle of the neck in the midline combined with removal of excess fat on the submental area this will further contour the cervicomental angle and define the line between the face and neck. In addition, we make our incision inside and behind the ear extending into the scalp to avoid the chance of a visible scar. Even though this is more tedious for the surgeon than making the incision in front of the ear and hairline, it provides a more pleasing result for the patient. We use the new ARTISS fibrin glue, the gold standard for face lifts, which seals the skin to the muscles so the chance of having complications, like bleeding, decrease substantially, and the glue eliminates the need for drains. Most of our cases are performed in our ambulatory surgical center. For safety, an anesthetist monitors the patient during the case whether done with general or local anesthesia. Maintaining appropriate blood pressure and vital signs also helps to avoid postoperative hematomas. Here you can see pictures of a patient who had a neck lift. Incisions are not seen and her turkey neck is resolved.

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