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How to enjoy a speedy and comfortable breast lift recovery in Miami

How to enjoy a speedy and comfortable breast lift recovery in Miami

Many women in Miami said that having drooping breasts negatively affects their self-confidence. However, after they have undergone breast lift (mastopexy) surgery, they reported that their mood elevated and boosted their confidence after undergoing breast lift in Miami. Sagging breasts drag women’s self-confidence down. This factor, along with many others, makes many women decide to undergo a breast lift in Miami to renowned plastic surgeons to look more youthful by having higher and firmer breasts. Undergoing breast lift, along with plastic surgery, has the potential to make you satisfied with many positive life changes, but you also need to sacrifice to get a desirable result. Here, we’ll provide some expert speedy and comfortable breast lift recovery to help make your experience a good one. Wear the most comfortable bra Avoid using bras with underwire a few weeks after the breast lift procedure. The wire on the bra makes you feel irritated and have an unpleasant feeling when wearing right after the procedure. Dr. Carlos Spera—renowned Plastic Surgery in Miami recommends patients who undergo surgery to wear compression or surgical bra a few days after the breast lift procedure. You can now wear a supportive and soft bra. A sports bra can also help, as it is tight enough to provide the support you need without being irritated. Sleep on your back or elevated Swelling is usual after plastic surgery, so there is nothing to worry about. After breast lift in Miami, it is common to feel that your breast is swollen and has sores. To feel comfortable, sleep on your back as much as possible, and avoid sleeping in your stomach. If you are not comfortable sleeping upright, you can elevate yourself sleeping, or propping up yourself at about a 30-degree angle to limit swelling. Consider proper diet As much as possible, limit your salt intake as it makes the swelling even worse. Instead, drink a lot of water, generally eight to ten glasses a day. Dr. Carlos Spera—renowned Plastic Surgery in Miami restricts patients on drinking any alcoholic beverages for at least a month as this can make them dehydrated and can cause fluid retention. Moreover, eat a healthy diet so that your body will have the necessary energy to heal in the shortest time possible. Take foods rich in Vitamin K like eggs, lettuce, and yogurt as they are helpful in the healing process and reducing swelling. Feel relaxed; don’t stress yourself            Make yourself feel relaxed by taking little walks from day one to day two after the surgery. Be sure to take more rest.  Take care not to strain your body for about three weeks and gradually return to your normal activity levels. Dr. Carlos Spera—renowned Plastic Surgery in Miami if you have some concerns to avoid unnecessary worry. Apply cold compress Applying a cold compress can offer ways to manage your swollen breasts after plastic surgery. It can also provide comfort to reduce stress. On putting a cold compress, be extra careful not to directly apply it to the incision area so that you do not impart your recovery process or hurt your skin. If you are using an ice pack, be sure to cover it with a clean towel or cloth to protect your skin. Keep the cold compress in place up to 20 minutes at a time to ease swelling, but make a 30 to 40-minute break interval before reapplying it. How can we help? Undergoing breast lift is indeed a life-changing experience. It can project self-confidence and positive self-image on the part of the women. To achieve long-term results, undergoing breast lift in Miami is an outstanding option when you wanted to make your breast firmer and higher and not ashamed with a drooping one. Expect that your satisfaction rates will be very high. If you’re considering getting a breast lift surgery, or have already decided to take the plunge, inquire now at Dr. Carlos Spera—a renewed Plastic Surgeon in Miami and schedule an appointment to achieve long-lasting breast lift results today!

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