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What to expect after a rhinoplasty in Miami

What to expect after a rhinoplasty in Miami

Undergoing rhinoplasty in Miami is an excellent choice if you wanted to change the shape, size, or proportion of your nose. This plastic surgery primarily repairs deformities from an injury, to correct nose defect, or to improve your breathing difficulties. Since both breathing and the nose’s shape are interrelated, this plastic surgery not only done to change the way your nose looks but also to improve breathing. However, there are some changes that you can see or feel after you have undergone rhinoplasty. You need to know the expected things that commonly occur after rhinoplasty.  Mild to moderate pain can be felt After the rhinoplasty surgery, you can feel discomfort and pain. However, discomfort can ease by taking some oral medications prescribed by your plastic surgeon that is sufficient to pain control like Tylenol with codeine (or equivalent if you have an allergy to codeine).  Within three days after the surgery, discomfort and pain should begin to subside. If there is a significant increase in pain after three days, contact your plastic surgeon immediately. Presence of bruise and swelling Bruising and swelling are common after a plastic surgery procedure. These symptoms, however, often become worsen on the second day after a rhinoplasty procedure and then steadily improve afterward. It is important to note that the amount of bruising that occurs significantly varies from one patient to another. Swelling mostly occurs around the eyes, but you can also notice some bruises in the check area that causes discolorations. Moreover, expect that swelling from the surgery will temporarily make your nose less refined than it is desirable and broader. The swelling on the nose bridge will improve more quickly than on the tip of your nose. Generally, this should not cause patients to feel alarmed and worried. After all, this is common to plastic surgery. All swelling will improve a week after the surgical procedure. Dr. Carlos Spera—renowned Plastic surgery in Miami recommends patients to rest in bed with your head elevated or raised higher than your chest to reduce bleeding and swelling. Bloody nasal discharge After a rhinoplasty or any nasal surgeries, you expect bloody nasal discharge. Plastic surgeons place a small gauge dressing beneath your nose after nose job procedure preventing bloody nasal discharge. Dr. Carlos Spera—renowned Plastic surgery in Miami advised that the absorbent dressing needs to be changed 10-20 times during the first two days after the surgery or as prescribed. Also, do not place drip pads against your nose. Drip pads are a small piece of gauze held in place with tape under the nose to avoid drainage. Nasal stuffiness and presence of excess mucus Most patients who have undergone rhinoplasty in Miami say that nasal stuffiness can be bothersome after surgery. It is worst after the first week after surgery. However, once the internal nasal splints pulled out, it will significantly improve. Also, residual stuffiness will improve over several weeks after the procedure. Excess mucus is often present in the throat after surgery. It is due to the splints inside the nose that stimulate the production of more mucus than it usually does.  Sense of smell will temporarily decrease After patients have undergone rhinoplasty in Miami, patients experience some temporary decrease or changing the way how you smell or taste. It is secondary to some nerve disruptions in the nose during the nose job procedure. These changes will improve drastically within the first two weeks after the surgery. How can we help?            If you notice that there is an unusual amount of bleeding from the nose or a significant progressive increase in the pain that is not relieved after taking the prescribed medications, call Dr. Carlos Spera—renowned Plastic Surgery in Miami for some evaluation.

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What is Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)?

The ‘perfect’ nose varies from patient to patient. Other factors to consider are the ethnic background, age, and face symmetry. Dr. Spera will discuss this and other concerns during your consultation. Insurance may or may not cover your procedure. Generally it will pay when there are breathing difficulties, but may decline coverage for purely cosmetic desires. Please check further with our staff.


In most instances, the procedure and incisions are done inside the nose, where they are not detected. Dr. Spera will then mold and sculpt the bone and cartilage as well as the skin and tissues of your nose to create your desired new shape. He can also remove the skin from the sides and center of your nose to narrow the base. Adding various grafts can further enhance the outcome. Plastic Surgery Miami, Board certified Plastic Surgeon Miami, Best Plastic Surgeons in Miami, Plastic Surgery Center Miami, Liposuction in Miami


Bedrest is advised for a day, along with keeping the head elevated. A ‘cast’ will be placed on the nose and remain for 7 – 9 days. Some experience minimal swelling and/or bruising of the face, which resolves in 1 – 2 weeks. One may resume normal activites in 2 days. No strenuos activities for weeks. One should take extreme care to avoid bumping your nose for at least six months.

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