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How much weight can be lost with Liposuction?

Among the most performed medical procedures is liposuction. This consists of a localized elimination of excess body fat. Through a small incision, the area to be treated is entered, and the fat is dissolved with different tools. Then it is vacuumed to remove it from the body and thus it is possible to shape and contour the figure. Although it is a localized procedure, it affects the entire body. Patients have been very accepting of this treatment and there are many queries we receive about it. One of the most common is how much weight can be lost with liposuction. In this article we are going to answer this and other common questions about this procedure. Although it is true that liposuction is associated with weight loss, it is worth clarifying that it is not a technique designed for that purpose. In addition, there are no definitive solutions that do not require more effort to lose weight. Beyond liposuction, it is necessary to accompany the treatment with certain changes in the daily routine of patients to achieve good results. The results obtained with liposuction are considered permanent, but if you do not lead an orderly life in matters such as diet and physical activity, it is possible that fat will accumulate again where it was previously removed. Solutions must be thought of in a personalized way for each patient, taking into account the possibilities of each body.

How much body fat and how much weight can be lost with liposuction

In general, the liposuction technique is intended to shape certain parts of the body or support other treatments. It is very common for liposuction to be used during a fat transfer procedure. This consists of removing fat from certain areas of the body, and then treating and filtering it until a pure product is obtained. With it, other areas are filled, especially where wrinkles are found or greater volume is required. This means that liposuction can be a step in a larger procedure. On the other hand, it is also very common in patients who have already achieved significant weight loss, but cannot finish eliminating fat in certain areas of their body. Liposuction eliminates these leftovers in areas where exercise is not usually very effective. In short, weight reduction is not sought through liposuction, but to give a more aesthetic shape to certain areas of the body. In fact, in many cases it is necessary for patients to lose weight before undergoing liposuction. It is a fairly common mistake to believe that a significant reduction in body weight can be achieved with this treatment. When asking how much weight can be lost with liposuction, the most correct answer is that this is not what the intervention is about. Liposuction in overweight people may be contraindicated. Either way, each body is a particular case. Therefore, the most correct thing would be for you to make an appointment with Dr. Carlos Spera. He is a renowned cosmetic surgery specialist who can evaluate his case in order to determine the best treatment as expected. That said, it is generally estimated that up to 13 pounds of body fat can be removed in a typical liposuction. This value is not definitive and does not apply to all cases. Despite not being the main feature of liposuction, it is possible to lose weight through this intervention.

Recommendations on how much weight can be lost with liposuction

As we have said, to achieve significant and sustained weight loss it is necessary to accompany liposuction with other habits. The treatment can help improve the contour and shape of the body, but it does not prevent weight gain and therefore the formation of fat again. Regular physical activity, sports and exercise are essential to maintain a healthy and fit body over time. This must be accompanied by a correct diet, which includes all the nutrients that the body needs in its most appropriate proportions. Consultation with a nutritionist can help develop a more comprehensive plan that allows the patient to lose and maintain a healthy weight. Liposuction can definitely go a long way in giving patients more confidence in the way their bodies look. When asked how much weight can be lost with liposuction in Miami, the answer is more complex than a simple number. Not all patients are suitable for this treatment, nor do they represent a magical solution to problems. Being aware of this and having realistic expectations regarding the treatment is essential to be able to apply it. Do not hesitate to make an appointment at our clinic to receive the most accurate diagnosis and start a treatment according to your needs.

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