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How long does the Breast Implant operation last?

Breast implant surgeries are one of the most chosen options by women around the world. This operation seeks to increase the size of the bust to achieve a more attractive body image. Many women see improvements in their self-esteem that makes an important difference in the way they relate to others. Of course, it is a personal decision that must be made with all the information so that inconveniences do not arise later. For this reason, in this post we are going to answer one of the most common doubts, such as how long does the breast implant operation last and what is recommended after the intervention. One ​​of the main keys in breast augmentation surgery is that there is an enormous variety of techniques, procedures and materials that can be used. Therefore, all experiences may differ from one patient to another. Among the types of implants, there are two that are the most used on the market. On the one hand, there are those with saline solution that have a more pronounced profile, a better cost-benefit ratio and can be inserted through different types of incisions. On the other hand, silicone ones have a more realistic appearance and a more natural consistency, in addition to having less chance of rippling or breaking. In turn, there are also many incision techniques. There are those that are performed on the fold of the breast, in order to camouflage it, and also  other techniques such as the one performed through the nipple. The preference of materials and techniques is always subordinated to the recommendation of professionals. They are the ones who have the experience and knowledge to know how to choose the best treatment for each body. Dr. Carlos Spera has a track record that endorses him as one of the best surgeons in Miami and will be able to recommend the best option in his case.

Keys about how long the breast implant operation takes

When raising the question about how long the breast implant operation lasts, all these questions are relevant. Therefore, one surgery may take longer than another, depending on the technique used and the type of implant. In any case, in general, breast augmentation surgeries usually take between 1 and 2 hours approximately. During that time the incision is made, the implant is placed and the opening is closed for good healing. It is possible, in many cases, to combine this procedure with others to achieve a more comprehensive and stylish makeover. A very common option is to perform the placement of implants simultaneously with a breast lift. In this way, the sagging or deflated appearance of the breasts can be corrected. Many times this problem is associated with breastfeeding, aging or the weight that the breasts exert over time. By lifting the breasts, excess skin is removed and the breasts are given a more youthful appearance. Another of the most chosen options is to perform a breast augmentation and simultaneously a tummy tuck. This is also known as tummy tuck, and it involves the removal of excess fat and skin in the abdomen area. Thus, the appearance of the breasts and the middle of the body is improved together. This means a more comprehensive change in the patient's appearance, which will see a renewal in her body image. She will gain a more youthful appearance and can improve her confidence when showing off her body. Of course, all these options will make the breast implant operation in Miami take longer. Each procedure increases the complexity of the operation and therefore requires more work. In any case, to choose any of these options, you must first consult with our professionals. They will tell you if you are a candidate for these interventions and advise you on the best options.

How long does the breast implant operation take: recovery

Regardless of the duration of the procedure, it is necessary to mention that after the surgery comes the recovery. This may take more or less time, depending on the general health and body of each patient. But, in general, total inactivity can take between 2 and 7 days, unless a complication arises or the doctors indicate more rest. After this period, patients can return to a simple routine, without much effort, and start working. For a complete recovery and return to more demanding physical activities, a period of time recommended is approximately 6 weeks. During recovery, patients are likely to experience some pain and bruising in the affected area. This can be treated with some pain relievers, always under medical supervision. It is also recommended throughout your recovery that you adopt certain healthy habits. Eating a good diet and keeping the body hydrated help improve the body's circulation and, therefore, healing. In this way, recovery will be much faster and the risk of complications is minimized. In addition, starting to walk as soon as the body allows it also stimulates blood flow and speeds up the process. Finally, it is also important to pay attention to the correct posture when sleeping. Regardless of how long your breast implant operation takes, you'll want your recovery to be quick and painless. During the nights, the sleeping position is essential to guarantee the integrity of the implants. The correct posture is on your back but not completely stretched out, but with your head and torso tilted upwards. You can help yourself by putting down some pillows. In this way, the risk of implant shifting is minimized and less pressure is exerted on them. Avoid sleeping on your stomach or side until specialists tell you otherwise. And do not hesitate to make an appointment at our clinic to receive the best treatment and obtain the body you want.

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