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What NOT to do after a Breast Implant Operation

Breast implants are one of the most common operations among women. It is a surgery that increases the size of the bust by placing silicone bags or other similar material. This surgery helps many women feel more comfortable with their figure, look more attractive, and improve their overall self-esteem. It is a practice that has been perfected for years and is now very safe. However, it is always advisable to follow some indications provided by specialist doctors, so that the recovery is faster and everything develops normally. Therefore, here we bring some advice on what not to do after a breast implant operation, so that everyone is aware of the recommendations.

What not to do after a breast implant operation: Precautions

The main precaution to take after this surgery is to keep physical exertion levels to a minimum. Resting completely for the first few days is usually a good idea. But, in addition, it is likely that in the first two weeks you will have to take other precautions. Do not lift or push heavy objects, do not raise your arms above your chest, and do not perform tasks that require the use of your arms, such as driving. This will ensure that healing takes place properly, that the implants do not move or that fluid accumulates in the area. Another thing not to do after a breast implant operation is to stop using the compression or bras indicated by the doctor. This can have negative consequences on the result of the operation, so it is better to respect it for as long as possible. Sleeping on your stomach during the first few months is also prohibited. This can seriously affect the implants and healing. Ideally, you should sleep on your back, even if it is uncomfortable at first. For the first few days, you may be given a more specific, slightly reclined position. Another important point is not to miss the appointments established by the doctors. They are the specialists who know exactly what the recovery process is like and have evaluated your particular case. Control reviews are important to ensure that healing is done correctly. In addition, an annual visit to check the status of the implants is recommended in most cases. Do not hesitate to make an appointment with our specialists in case you notice something out of place or feel any kind of discomfort.

What not to do after a breast implant operation: Tips

In addition to all the things not to do after breast implant surgery, there is also plenty of advice on what you can do to improve your recovery process. One of the simplest points is to maintain good hydration. After surgery, the skin in the area is stretched by both the implants and the swelling. Also, wearing a bra can dry out your skin or even cause irritation. Maintaining good hydration will help solve these problems and prevent the formation of stretch marks. You can supplement water intake with moisturizing creams. You should also pay attention to the medical indications about scar care. You will likely be instructed to change the bandage every so often, even daily. Keeping the scar clean with soap and water and gently drying it properly helps the healing process and prevents dehydration in the area. Do not apply products on the wound, unless medically indicated. Once the scar has healed, it is important that you continue to protect it, especially from the sun's rays. At first completely, and then using a factor 50 protector so that it does not get pigmented in the sun. Another piece of advice on what not to do after a breast implant operation is to neglect your lifestyle. Living a healthy life may seem like a no-brainer, but it's even more important when you've had surgery, and even before it. Avoiding alcohol and tobacco to maintain well-oxygenated blood will help heal much faster. Eating in a balanced way can help your body recover and feel good in less time. Finally, although exercise is something that cannot be done after a breast implant operation for the first few days, it is good to start walking. Brief at first, since you shouldn't strain your body, and then each longer times. This allows to improve the circulation of your body and, therefore, accelerates the healing. Physiotherapy treatments can also help in the same way, although before starting with them you should consult your doctor. Make an appointment with our specialists to start changing your life with a Miami breast surgery.

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