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Visits Miami for Breast Augmentation procedure and returns back in 3 days!

International patient arrives at our offices to undergo breast augmentation in Miami and returns to her country after 3 days. Our patient, from Canada, learned of our offices through a relative who lives in Miami. His sister saw our commercial on television and she sought more information on social networks and on websites. After contact our staff by phone, she took the decision to come from so far to perform a transumilical breast augmentation in Miami with Dr. Carlos Spera. In conversation with the patient, she told us that she had seen the procedure of breast augmentation through the navel, known as TUBA, and had read the fabulous benefits it can offer. She had never undergone any surgery breast augmentation in Miami and did not want to be scarred. After the surgical procedure, we asked about her experience and told us among other things: 1- She only took two pills after surgery, only to reduce discomfort. 2. She felt “normal” the day after, even though she underwent general anesthesia (this surgery usually takes approximately 30 to 40 minutes to be performed). 3- The stitches do not need to be removed so the third day after the last checkup, the doctor was able to discharge her. This patient came from so far away and stayed in Miami just three days and two nights. On the third day after his surgery, he returned to his home in Canada very grateful and pleased with the excellent results. Benefits of having a transumbilical breast augmentation in Miami are: 1.- Less risk of infection. 2.- A small incision in the navel area 3.- The surgery is performed in a short time, 4.- Less pain, 5.- Faster recovery, 6.- A more natural appearance, 7.- Less chances of sensitive loss of the nipples, 8.- there is no limit in size 9.- The implants can be changed, enlarged or removed and most importantly, Dr. Spera is the only surgeon that can change, enlarge or removed a transumbilical breast augmentation in Miami.  

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