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4 Nov

How common is breast implant disease? Should you be scared?

Breast augmentation surgery is the most common of aesthetic treatments. This technique, which has been practiced for many years, is chosen by a large number of women to improve their appearance, revitalize their image or correct any malformation. As one of the most practiced procedures worldwide, it has been perfected over time. So much so, […]


15 Oct

What is the most common breast implant size?

When performing surgery to place a breast implant, one of the biggest concerns of patients is its size. Something reasonable since, depending on the size of the implant, the physical appearance of the person will also be affected. That is why many often ask what the most common breast implant size is, and if you […]


17 Aug

How long does the Breast Implant operation last?

Breast implant surgeries are one of the most chosen options by women around the world. This operation seeks to increase the size of the bust to achieve a more attractive body image. Many women see improvements in their self-esteem that makes an important difference in the way they relate to others. Of course, it is […]


11 Aug

What NOT to do after a Breast Implant Operation

Breast implants are one of the most common operations among women. It is a surgery that increases the size of the bust by placing silicone bags or other similar material. This surgery helps many women feel more comfortable with their figure, look more attractive, and improve their overall self-esteem. It is a practice that has […]


14 Jul

How long does the breast implant recovery last?

If you’ve had breast augmentation surgery, you’ll want to know how long breast implant recovery takes. Although, unfortunately and as you may have already been informed at the hospital, there are no exact days after which all women feel equally recovered.  Full recovery after surgery varies from woman to woman and based on a number […]


18 Mar

Different kinds of Breast implant in Miami

In this modern world, every woman wants to feel confident about her appearance, being breasts one of the