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Category Otoplasty In Miami

11 Nov

How to sleep after otoplasty? Don’t make these mistakes!

Within aesthetic surgeries, otoplasty is the specialty that is responsible for correcting ear defects. In general, these are procedures focused on rebuilding the shape, reducing the size or rearranging the position of the ears, and can even be useful to achieve symmetry in case they are not the same. The point is that, as in […]


23 Sep

Does otoplasty affect hearing?

Many people are considering otoplasty, or cosmetic ear surgery. The main objective of this operation is to change the shape, size or position of the ears to give the face a more stylized appearance. There are many particular reasons for having this operation: ears that are too far from the head, an injury that caused […]


25 Jul

Does Otoplasty last forever?

What is otoplasty? Otoplasty or ear surgery is a surgical intervention that aims to reshape the external ear to improve its appearance. It is one of the few cosmetic procedures that can be performed on children, with the advantage that otoplasty lasts forever. It is very common among young people that this type of training […]


20 Jan

Otoplasty recovery: Do’s and don’ts after your ear surgery

Do you have that strong desire to touch your recently completed ear surgery? Hold on for a bit and read carefully, for this might change the outcome of your surgery. What is Otoplasty? Otoplasty, or cosmetic ear surgery, is a technique that alters the form, size, or placement of the ears. If you’re disturbed by […]


25 Oct

Top 10 Reasons You Need A Neck Lift Surgery

Perhaps you have walked upon a mirror and glanced at your reflection. You spotted your neck while looking, and you’re disappointed with how it appeared. After observing your neck, you became so mindful of how it seemed, now you are considering ways to enhance it. Depending on your cosmetic and aesthetic objectives, having a neck […]


14 Oct

10 reasons to get chin implants or mentoplasty

If you feel that you are among those people who are dissatisfied with the shape and size of their chin, and you are having thoughts of enhancing it, then chin implants or mentoplasty might be the most ideal option for you. Mentoplasty, commonly known as chin implant surgery or chin augmentation, is a type of […]


4 Oct

Do’s and don’ts after an otoplasty or ear surgery

Otoplasty involves the reshaping or reshaping of the outer ear, or pinna, to correct an abnormality and improve the appearance and function. A typical ear is around two centimeters apart from the side of the head. However, it is annoying to some people if the ears are larger than they should be. An otoplasty or […]


28 Feb

What Does Otoplasty In Miami Entail?

What Does Otoplasty In Miami Entail? Otoplasty is basically a fancy term for ear surgery. This procedure was designed to reconstruct or correct defects, deformities as well as the absence of the pinna or the external ear. When you find yourself in need of otoplasty in Miami, you must choose the best plastic surgeon in […]